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The Plandemic to kill us

  • It's exactly as we have been the stating all along!

    It was a pandemic from the beginning.

    They outlawed the medications that would prevent having to lock everything down.

    They destroyed families, businesses, marriages and more.

    It was an intentional, funded release of a bioweapon.

    It originated in Wuhan but was funded by the NIH through America by fauci and Obama and others.

    They're stated intention is to reduce the population considerably.

    The experimental death shot is considerably more lethal than the virus which is the excuse to force the death shot.

    They continue to bribe people with everything from food to cash to take the shot which will undoubtedly kill them.

    And we've said every one of these things all along while so many just looked at us as if we were absolutely nuts.

    Now that Fauci's emails have been leaked there's no way to deny that everything that I have written in this email is accurate.

    The question is whether anyone will be held accountable. In New York Cuomo is the most prolific mass murderer in America's history and he was just rewarded with a $5 million book deal.

    The attorney General is Merrick Garland who was initially hand-picked by Obama for the Supreme Court and was prepared to rule that the founding fathers never met for we the people to have firearms so that they could start disarming us.

    I can't imagine that anyone will bring charges against fauci because to do so would mean that the investigation would include gates, soros, rothschild, obama, Clinton and so many more insiders in the cabal.

    The system has become so corrupt that it doesn't appear that there's any avenue for prosecution at this point.

    And since they still control the Dominion voting machines, the paper ballots, the early voting, the immigration, the courts, and the media, I don't see how whatever going to vote our way out of where we are now.

    What we all know needs to happen is for our military leaders to step up and arrest everyone involved in the theft of the White House and the treasonous acts that have taken place before and since January 20th.

    Whether or not this will ever happen is simply a matter of what you choose to believe, because all president Trump keeps talking about is running again in 2024.

    However, it has only been four and a half months since January 20th and the country is almost unrecognizable now. If we wait until 2024 I can't imagine what this country will look like.

    All I know for sure is that the way Egypt handled removing the Muslim brotherhood regime from power that was installed by Obama was for 50 million Egyptians to descend on the public square at their state capitol to fight for their freedom and force the enemy regime to retreat.

    Unless and until we the people decide that it's time to arm up head to DC and take care of business we will continue to watch our country look more and more like Venezuela with each passing day.

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