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  • Well, in the last year we learned that we’ve been taken over by the enemy, no one is coming to save us, and we haven’t begun to fight.

    We know that there aren’t many who are at the helm of perpetrating death and injury to us and to our country, but the American people seem content to wait until the 2022 elections.

    In many states, voter fraud and vote manipulation tactics are still in place, so it’s quite an optimistic outlook to assume that we the people have a say in who is “elected.”

    My question is, after enduring another year of this war against us, what will the American people due when faced with two more years from 2022 to 2024? Will the same optimistic outlook prevail?

    It seems to me that the longer we wait and watch, the more and Americans die, and the more our country continues to be destroyed.

    At this point, it’s clear that left and right will never work together to rebuild America from the ground up. And it’s also clear that peaceful protests accomplish nothing aside from giving the enemy an excuse to punish those who object to the death and destruction.

    If we continue to sit on our hands and do nothing, it will be death of all of us, and America will be no longer. I strongly suggest that we look past our comfort zones and start to build teams to protect ourselves against and enemy regime that is moving with malice against us.

    Information can be found on the following website: which stands for Community Assistance Teams. This site was built 10 years ago to inform and inspire fellow patriots how to form a team and what supplies are needed. The site doesn’t sell anything. It’s for information only so we are more prepared if/when the time comes when protecting you and your loved ones becomes necessary.

    Wishing all of my fellow patriots a safe and happy year!

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