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Washington wins World Series

  • The Washington Nationals just beat the Houston Astros 6-2 in game 7 of the World Series to become the MLB champs of 2019.


    The Nationals were one of the Wild Card teams.  I know that Wild Card teams have made it to the World Series before.  But I do believe that this is the first time a Wild Card team has won the Series.


    What is certain is that this was the first time the home team lost every game.  Games 1 & 2 were played in Houston.  And Washington won them both.  Games, 3, 4, & 5 were played in DC.  And the Astros swept them easily.  Games 6 & 7 shifted back to Houston.  Once again, the Nationals came back to win last night's & this night's games. 


    To get to the World Series, Washington had to first defeat the Milwaukee Brewers, the Los Angeles Dodgers, & the St. Louis Cardinals.  Houston beat the New York Yankees in 6 games to win the American League pennant.  The Yankees swept the Minnesota Twins, while the Astros squeaked by the Tampa Bay Rays to get into the League Championship series.


    Oh well; only four and a half more months until Spring Training.