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Letter to the Wall Street Journal

  • A member of the Quantico Chapter of former FBI Agents penned out the below letter to the WSJ.

    In the Bureau, if you are accused by OPR (Office of Professional Responsibility) of exhibiting a "lack of candor," it is a legal term that says in plain are a liar and we have the facts to prove it.  OPR interviewed McCabe after they were provided the report from the OIG (Office of Inspector General).

    Lack of candor is an automatic firing.....we will know more details once the IG's report is made public.

    Here is the back story.....MUELLER was Director of the FBI when he centralized operations within the Bureau.  In essence you now have a top-down strategy that puts the power in the hands of FBIHQ's.....not the brick or street Agent conducting the investigations.  A terribly bad policy!!  It is tantamount to total control from the 7th floor of FBIHQ.

    This is how kings operate and in severe cases how the Kremlin governs all of Russia.  Mueller was not liked by rank and file Agents and was seen as political.  Now the kicker.....Mueller who is now heading up the Russian probe along with 13 Democratic liberal lawyers in an attempt to find a collusion crime against the President is close friends with Comey, McCabe (although that may be waining), Rob Rosenstein (DOJ) and the current Director of the FBI Christopher Wray.

    These people are all lawyers and all liberals.....some to the absolute core.  Now that McCabe is out of work, he may turn on Comey and you are already seeing that with his statement that Comey had all knowledge of him leaking to a reporter.  Either stinks to high heaven and it is not what INTEL Agencies are supposed to be about....the below article points that out explicitly.

    I have been out of the Bureau for 19 years now and cannot believe all the shenanigans that have gone on.......this is what happens when that liberal cancer sneaks into an agency and the sickness grows.

    I am all for returning to the days of hangings and firing squads for treason violations.