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A friend who is a Retired Police Commander in Philly sent me th

  • Bud,

    What has happened to Trump?  I totally agree with him on the necessity of rebuilding our Military, including the raises for our Military Personnel, they deserve every penny and more.  Having said that, I believe that the President is learning that “The Swamp” is much deeper, much broader, and much more powerful than he believed it to be.  The progressive socialists democrats, augmented by the RINO’s, united to deal him a defeat.  This will undoubtedly hurt him with his base.  I am not ready to abandon him, but I am disappointed to say the least.
    It really pisses me off to watch that rotten bastard Chuck Schumer gloat that they, the democrats, achieved more this time than when they actually held both Houses of the Congress, and the White House; he is right!  The republicans supposedly hold all of the cards, the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, and yet they lost, why is that?  Why do the democrats always win when it counts, and the republicans lose?  Why is it that the republicans have not learned from the democrats as to how to wield such power?  The answer is very simple, they are both the same!  Ryan, McConnell, and the rest are no different from the democrats, they all want the same things, the republicans just lie about it!
    I said it very early on into Trump’s Administration, and I’ll say it again, because I am right!  You as a Military man will certainly understand what I am about to say Bud.  You never leave your wounded enemy in the field, they will eventually hurt you.  That is exactly what Trump has done, too many very dangerous, and significantly more dangerous because they are wounded, enemies, who are still active and in the field.  It is bad enough dealing with the enemies who have as yet been wounded, such as Obama and his crowd.  Hillary and all of her associates are criminals, their crimes have been revealed for all to see, and yet, who has been indicted?  Jeff Sessions is a mistake, Jeff Sessions is also a crook; he should have been fired long ago.  There is a crime that is defined as refusing to do your job, when there is more than adequate reason to do so; that crime is Criminal Non-Feasance.  Sessions commits a crime when he refuses to pursue obvious criminals.  
    It seems that the so called Law Enforcement Officers of the Federal Government have forgotten the meaning of words such as: treason; sedition; insurrection; and The United States Code.  The Governors, Mayors, et al, who establish these sanctuary cities are, as defined in the USC, Federal Felons; why are they not arrested?  It is known that George Soros has financed efforts to overthrow this Government, that is seditious, and he is fomenting (and financing) insurrection, and yet he lives right here in the USA and remains unmolested by Justice for his crimes.  Hillary is still so arrogant and cocky; does she look like a criminal in fear of the shoe dropping?  She has been assured that nothing will happen to her, and shamefully, it won’t!

    And, I guarantee that should the democrats take control of the House, Trump will be impeached!  If they also take control of the Senate, he will be convicted!  The Trump Administration should be very involved in the issue of voter fraud.  Dead people vote; non-citizens vote; some people vote several times; and that is how Trump will lose!  
    Finally, once again we are hearing the cries of a desperate and disillusioned Patriotic Public, for an Article V Constitutional Convention.  They hope that that will be the means to change the Constitution to make it better!  I must warn them that such a Convention may very well be a double-edged sword.  If “they” (the progressives) wrest control of the Convention, the Constitution will be no more; I say this, be very careful for what you wish, you may wind up getting it.  If the democrat/progressive/liberal/socialists in the Congress win, there will be but two options for The People.  On the one hand, acquiescence, capitulation, and literal slavery, or on the other hand, armed revolution.
    Sorry for running on, but I have not been sharing my opinions and thoughts with everyone, per my New Year’s Resolution.  But because of the significance of the Military issue with Trump’s signing of this budget, I thought of you my friend.  Take care, be careful, and watch your six!

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