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Taking down the Terrorist Org Antifa

  • . Wed, July 29th will mark the first day for the cyberattacks towards the terrorist organization Antifa. Known for their violence in protests, burning down cities and known for calling eachother "Comrades" as the FBI has started arresting some members at protests, domestic terrorism is extremely hard to figure out and figure out who's behind it all.

    I have a plan to figure out whos behind it, and take them down for good. 

    Not only that, but I also plan to take down all domains. These domains are registered to terrorists.

    Cyberattacks against terrorist organizations, like ISIS the U.S. Government turns a blind eye to the attacker's, the reason being because.. well.. this is America motherfucker. We built this shit. And we all know ain't NO DAMM BODY is gonna take this country down.

    Here's the Antifa Com Link the official website of antifa.

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