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  • Many places now that have Sheriffs that are not enforcing illegal mandates and that is giving people a back bone to push back against the tyrannical power that These Governors have given themselves. People have had enough of their lives being ruined by these lock-downs, mandates and telling people who can come their homes and who can't, who they can have at their weddings, what kind of family get togethers are allowed and now Coronavirus curfews. Do they really think that the people would put up with it forever or is this part of a plan to cause an uprising? Seems like they just keep piling on more restrictions trying to get the ball rolling. So what's the end game plan? Are the Socialist trying to set a trap so they can force the Insurrection Act if Biden makes it to the White House.

    The bureaucracies and other groups that will be making all the decisions in that administration, it would be a dream come true to be able to silence and punish the patriots.

    Without loyal Americans standing in the way It's a home free card for the Socialist so they can rewrite the Constitution and reset America to destroy Capitalism.

    As more protest and people violating the restrictions that the Governors have put in place, The US military and the national guard are under training to enforce the law and quelling civil disturbances. The National Guard units have been trained for this mission and are ready when their Governors call.

    With the people being robbed of having a legal election and the constant assault on the people that want election results to be audited, along with the Coronavirus and the media stoking the flames saying that the ones standing in the way and that are fighting back against the Socialist movement are dangerous.

    The stage is set for civil war. Americans are exhausted with trying to use peaceful means to keep in place the American values of freedom and liberty.

    Where all this will end up is anyone's guess. It takes a lot to make people who believe in the rule of law and have strong moral values, always thinking for the most part good will triumph over evil. But they keep taking and pushing. We are at the tipping point.

    I pray that it will never come to this because once it starts there is no turning back and the consequences are going to be dire. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!!

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