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Yesterdays Christmas Magic

  •  A time when Christmas was everywhere the music filled the stores, the streets and it was music with a story. Filled with feelings, warmth and comfort. The Christmas displays in the store windows were creations of wonder. The little towns with model trains that were fully operating, people figures that actually moved, the enormous light displays and the life like manger scenes. it was a happy time of the year. There was a Santa in every store listening to the children's request. The Salvation Army bell ringers were in most store door ways and people would donate freely. When I was growing up I would save up two dollars in quarters to put in the collection buckets when I passed one.

    There were Christmas programs in the churches and everyone was packed with people that had come to see and hear the Christmas story. Churches had the best music and plays that told the Christmas story.

    Each family had their own traditions and meanings that built memories that lasted forever. the tree decorating was a family project. Some of the decorations were made by hand and hung on the tree. The anticipation of Santa and the beautiful wrapped gifts placed under the tree. But the greatest gift was the feeling of love of Christmas in your heart and the warmth of families being together and sharing. For three weeks in December Christmas kindness filled the air. Most gifts were simple and affordable like slippers, pajamas, perfumes, socks etc. You didn't have to have to spend the rest of the year trying to pay for Christmas.

    But for the most part that feeling and magic has been lost and is almost resented. Stories don't put up anymore displays than they absolutely have to. Traditional Christmas music is to offensive and manger scenes are not allowed in many places. Some stores will not let the Salvation Army bell ringers near them. The donations that they collect have helped many come out of poverty and rehabilitated thousands of people. When disaster strikes they are there to help. But they are a Bible believing Christian group. So you can't have somebody like that collecting donations at Christmas time in front of your store.

    The war on Christmas, what is it that the liberal atheist want to destroy? The fact that God sent his son Jesus to pay for our sins, the love of family and friends that flourishes at Christmas time, the joy of giving and sharing, a time of celebrating and thanking God for all the blessing He has bestowed on us. Why do we give in to these evil whiners and let them steal the joy that Christmas brings.

    Written by Delmer Eldred



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