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Civil War

  • Carol on your question about a civil war. I believe the summer of 2024 is going to be hell in the bigger cities. Bill Gates has been saying that there is going to be a civil war and he has enough money to get one started. it will make the 2020 riots look like a walk in the park. It will start with the Antifia probably and other similar groups rioting and burning then one of Gates's hired gunmen will start shooting and of course, he will be a MAGA person and then if that won't do it Gates will get another hired gun to start shooting people at random. Well, that should get things going now we have utter chaos. Here comes the National Guard which is now filling positions with gang members and resident aliens or the Blue Helmets will step in and start raping and robbing. The National Guard in Portland, Or., and Seattle WA. has been practicing for 3 years now on civil unrest tactics. The people will be lucky to get a couple of shots off and the firepower that will be unleashed on them be a living nightmare thousands will be killed thousands will be wounded and thousands will be placed in prison camps. This is exactly what Gates, Soros, and many others in the Globalist elite class want to see happen, and like I said they have enough money to get it started and then sit back and enjoy their plan. That's my answer to your question and I hope and pray that this does not happen. But just be as prepared as you can before the summer hits. If I'm wrong it still doesn't hurt to have extra things you can always use them.

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