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How to upload a video to PAO

  • Click on Post New Video
  • You will be given the option to select a channel. If you have video footage of voter fraud, Select Voter Fraud Exposed.
  • Next choose a name for your video, and in your description include information such as where the video was taken, time of day, and any other important information.
  • You can choose your desired privacy settings, and you also have the option to add tags to your video to make it easier for others to find.
  • At the bottom you will have three options for video rotation: 90°, 180°, or 270°. Select the one that works best for you.


Choose Video Source

On the right side of the page you will see the option to Choose Video Source.

  • If you are posting a video from YouTube, DailyMotion, or Vimeo a thumbnail will be created for you. If you are uploading your own video you will need to provide a thumbnail image.
  • To select a video from your computer, click Add Video.
  • You will see options to drag and drop your video file, to upload it, or to enter the URL.
  • Click Save Video to begin uploading the file.
  • You will be notified when your video is ready to be viewed.
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