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Dr. Kelli Ward is a true conservative!

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    May 8, 2018 9:20 AM PDT

    “I entered this race because, like you, I've had enough of slick politicians who campaign as conservatives, only to shapeshift into big government liberals the moment they arrive in Washington, D.C.

    Throughout my life, I've been a woman of action. As a physician working in family and emergency medicine, I had to produce results or people would die. I couldn't "pass the buck" the way many in Congress seem to do these days.

    As a state senator, I developed a strong reputation for getting things done. In fact, in my final year alone, I sponsored 19 bills that were signed into law. Many of these bills shrunk the size of government, reduced burdensome regulations, and helped small businesses flourish.

    As a U.S. Senator, I will bring the same level of hard work, commitment, and responsibility to Washington.”