• Mission Statement
    Posted by Tango Spitfire December 8, 2017

    Our mission is to positively impact the Nov 6, 2018, elections by identifying all Senators and Representatives who support President Trump's Agenda to Make America Great Again. All Democrats and all identified Rino's have been marked for defeat.

  • You Can Help
    Posted by Tango Spitfire December 8, 2017

    We need for you to look at your state to help to identify anyone who has not been targeted for defeat. We need to have those who have the time, to step up and lead your state's help to push toward the defeat of America's enemies and the election of Patriots so Congress supports our President's agenda. Right now Congress is under Globalist control, and this MUST END! Click here to find your state reps on our Forums!

    Posted by Tango Spitfire December 8, 2017

    This site is for PATRIOTIC AMERICANS who want to help to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by working in YOUR state to help to POSITIVELY IMPACT the November 6 2018 election! Let's work together and Make GREAT THINGS HAPPEN!

  • Simple Rules
    Posted by Tango Spitfire December 8, 2017

    I built this site because I am SICK of FB censoring us, and constantly being worried about being put in FB jail! We are ENTITLED to our PATRIOTIC OPINIONS! That being said, this is a private, Patriotic site dedicated to Making America Great Again! Attacks from liberals and Globalist sympathizers will result in your immediate banishment from this site, so take your best shot because you will only get one chance to be difficult, condescending and/or nasty before you're cut.

Things You Can Do For MAGA

We all stand behind President Trump, but are we doing enough to get MAGA candidates elected in the 2018 Midterms? Organizing to prevent voter fraud and to get MAGA candidates into office is easier than you may think. Anyone can do it—especially you!

Are you ready to help President Donald J. Trump?

Here are steps you can take to get the USA moving in the right direction:

  • show up at the polls with cameras to get proof of voter fraud
  • canvass neighborhoods and go door-to-door
  • get active by going into public spaces to talk to people
  • reach out to local GOP and MAGA organizations and ask how you can help
  • donate to MAGA candidates' campaigns—just make sure to check them out first!
  • create promotional materials like pins and bumper stickers and distribute them

Let’s show the President who has stood behind us that we are ready to stand behind him!

About Donations

Hello fellow MAGA supporters! We've been asked about offers to donate money to help run the site. While that's much appreciated, we want to maintain the integrity of the site by making it clear that we don't accept donations and we don't sell anything.

However, since it's our goal to get Maga candidates elected on November 6th, for any funds that you have available please use those funds to help get pro-America candidates elected!

We'd also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that soliciting donations for any cause on ProAmericaOnly is not permitted. This site isn't about money - it's about supporting MAGA candidates in the Midterm elections!

God bless all our fellow Patriots and here's to a big win on November 6th!

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