RICO the Communist Democrat Party in America

  • RICO = Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Law 


    RICO the Communist Democrat Party in America

    e-mail President Trump and DEMAND an investigation against the lamestream media and all high tech companies, including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, CNN, YouTube, The New York Times, etc.


    Copy & Paste this entire message and re-post it all over the Internet, as well as e-mail it to everybody you know. 

    DEMAND an investigation!

    Un-American Activities are back!

    Senator Joe McCarthy was right all along!

    DEMAND an investigation:

    1. Alex Jones gets banned from almost everywhere.  

    2. GAB of course welcomes him. 

    3. Next day: GAB CEO’s house almost burns to the ground. 

    4. Day after: Microsoft threatens to shut GAB down. 

    5. Day after that: YouTube removes Alex Jones interview of GAB CEO.  

    Coincidence? Yeah, right.

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