E-mail President Trump. Use my template below or use your own

  • E-mail President Trump. Use my template below or use your own 

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    President Trump,

    Seriously, when are you going to do something about net neutrality?

    The radical left-wing in America are not Democrats, they are outright Communists. There is no way this can be denied, because they are and have been using Marxist tactics against conservatives and Trump supporters for decades and it is only getting worse.

    Senator Joe McCarthy was right about them all along. We the people, (your supporters) are being silenced by the Communist mainstream media. If you think this won't affect the mid-term elections, something is wrong.

    It his expedient you act upon this NOW, or face the specter of a huge loss in the November mid-term elections. That is their goal or they wouldn't be doing it.

    You have several options, PLEASE USE THEM, NOW!

    They are guilty of FEC rules violations. Make them pay the penalties to the maximum allowable by law.

    Now the latest news is that Alex Jones' InfoWars Page had been deleted. They were your largest remaining pro-Trump Page left on Fascistbook.

    American conservatives and Trump supporters have had ENOUGH of this un-American bullshit!

    It's time to call out these un-American activities that are an affront to our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    You have the power to change it. Please do so ASAP!

    Your supporters


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