My PART 2 with Lt General Flynn and others honoring Vets

  • Part 1 was excitingly overwhelming and I appreciate the feedback. these patriots showed themselves to be not just professional military warriors, but real people with caring feelings, dedication to family and a desire to make America greater.

    My PART 2 with Lt General Flynn, Lt General Honore, Maj. General Vallely, and other officers honoring Veterans. We talk about race relations in the service, “Don’t Ask - Don’t Tell,” women in the military and U.S Acceptance around the world. Thanks for Sharing this.

    Part 3 will be up tomorrow with a part 4 and wrap up on Monday. I do appreciate your read on these, your comment left on the article page at the bottom, and your sharing it around the social media circuit.

    More to come with some exciting articles on immigration and more.



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