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    On PAO blocking and hiding are separate features. If you want to hide a member’s posts, mouse over the right side of their post and you will see three vertical dots. Click on those, and you will find options to hide the post and to hide all future posts from the member.
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    The first ten posts you make each hour will show up on the feed, but anything beyond that will go straight to your wall. This feature makes PAO a better site for everyone because it prevents any site member from dominating the feed and making it difficult for anyone else’s posts to be found.
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    If your images are posting directly to your Albums and not appearing on your news feed, you need to clear your cache. In the past you may have selected Only Me instead of Everyone when you posted, and your browser stored that version. Clearing your cache will reset this and put it back to the Everyone default. If you don’t know how to clear your browser’s cache you can do a search for instructions or contact their tech support.
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    If you post a link but no image shows up with it, it means the link preview for that specific article is not compatible with our platform. In certain instances it may work if you try posting from another browser.
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    If you are seeing the same post popping up over and over in your feed, you can fix this issue in your settings. Click on the cog on the top right of the page, and that will open My Settings. In the Notifications tab you will be able to choose what you would and would not like to see. The more options you uncheck, the easier it will be to navigate your feed. The best place to start is to uncheck every option, then add the ones you’d like to see.
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    To post images, click on the three dots next to Tag Friends at the bottom of your post. This will bring up a menu, and on that menu you’ll select “Add Photo.” After that, a box with a + in it that says Select File should appear. When it does, click on that and you will be able to select photos. After that click Share and your image will post. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FLASH ENABLED.
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