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    Censored news sources

    These are some of the best news outlets in my opinion that I listen to most often to get what's really going on the fake media intentionally ignores & censors. Got some of your own you'd like to get out? Let's hear what you think is an important news source.
    led by Bob Snyder

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    Canadians for Trump

    I know that the majority of Canadians support Trump but are afraid to Speak on leftist social media platforms. If you are a Canadian Trump supporter this channel will be for you. If you are American that likes Canadians who support trump, then this is...  more
    led by John March

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    Canadians for Trump

    Canadians Love Donald Trump. You may not hear this on our paid by goverment state news but it's true. He is an inspiration that is creating a domino effect over here as you can see in our provintial elections lately. He is mostly the reason the...  more
    led by John March

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    THE TRUTH MUST BE TOLD. A commentary by Bill Sharpe. . Greetings to my American Christian patriots three presenters and tea party freedom fighters. The human race has devices to Predict the future, some of these devices are the studies of history,...  more
    led by Rev James Erick

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    Here we do our best to keep up with news about current Christianity and prophecy news.
    This group welcomes our members to contribute articles/video's of Christian news and prophecy news video's.

    You will also receive a God's News For Today morning message.
    led by Rev James Erick

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    99.99% TrueWorldNews

    WE ARE YOUR 99.99% TrueWorldNews Source If you're tired of all the propaganda and fake news feeds from our mainstream media and other news networks you simply can't rely on, then you've stopped at the right place, it's time to "STOP VIEWING FAKE NEWS."...  more
    led by Rev James Erick

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    BATCH&CO ( Border watch )

    Border Anti-Terrorist Citizens Help & Covert Observation . Watching our borders and airports . Relaying intel to appropriate agencies. We do not work f o r any government entity , only aid them.
    led by Joseph Christopher

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    Missouri Gun Traders

    Buy, sell, trade group. Missouri residents only. Must abide by Missouri law. You are individually responsible to make sure you are compliant with Missouri law. When in doubt contact an FFL near you.
    led by Donna Green

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    As an introduction, The S2 Project, at it's core, is all about tossing the Anti-Americans out of office. A civil action group of Patriot volunteers. Proven system, duplicatable. And I emphasize 'Action'. Out in the real world where we are building...  more
    led by C Oldham