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    believers in God and Trump friendship dating and support

    a friendship and dating group for like minded
    believers and supporters of God and Trump.
    find a partner who shares your love for God and Country.
    vote the red wave and be 100% huggable.
    led by BOB HODGES

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    SC patriot match-up

    Well, looks like ya'll are too shy or no one here yet is single to get this category off the ground so here's a lead off for ya'll to gitty up. Your host of this group is a cantankerous old patriot that lost the love of his life in 2001 & hasn't found a...  more
    led by Bob Snyder

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    Hidden Science

    Some know of the carburetors that were shelved getting 200 mpg, the secret frequencies to split the hydrogen & oxygen from water to run engines on, cheap, safe cold fusion held back from being brought forward, self propelling magnetic generators that...  more
    led by Bob Snyder

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    Alt Med Central

    A group for those to recount 1st hand experience of remarkable treatments that cured or dramatically helped their ailments other than from big pharma.
    led by Bob Snyder

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    Hot Rock Central

    Aimed at audiophiles & discriminating rockers & bluesrockers to post noteworthy trax you're finding, new or under heard old. Not looking for satanic, speed or vomit vocals metal plz. Melodic metal the exception.
    led by Bob Snyder

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    Everyday Tech

    This intent of this group is to disseminate tech news, investigation-type sites and discus general tech knowledge. Overall intent is to empower with information ... specifially, in the spirit of WWG1WGA - Where We Go 1 We Go All.!.!.!.
    I don't care what...  more
    led by Bryan White

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    Michigan Trump Republicans

    Yes, there is a difference. If you are a Trump supporter, please join and learn about an effort to insure legislators, party officials and delegates to the convention all support Trump.
    led by Jim Chiodo

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    Not In The News

    Criminals do not care who you are or how good a person you are, all they want is what you have. Criminals could care less about the hardships that their actions place on their victims nor do they hesitate inflicting pain or death.

    Crime is under...  more
    led by George Kozykowski

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    "Q" Drops and Research

    We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    We are researchers who deal in...  more
    led by Kelli D Gordon

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    Tea Party

    Ross Perots Reform party people of the mide 1990's are now the now "Tea Party". TheTea Party never had libertarian roots as has been pushed or stance on libertarian issues. Ross Perot's old Reform Party still exists but most reform party members are...  more
    led by James Allan