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    History Not Taught

    These are postings of the true accounts of the War of Northern Aggression, because the truth is not taught in the government indoctrination centers. Over 150 years of Marxist rewritten history has resulted in the brainwashing of millions of Americans,...  more
    led by Jeff Paulk

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    Nichiren Buddhism (SGI) for Conservatives

    Nichiren Buddhism is all about winning in life and overcoming all obstacles in life through mental discipline, group study and support, practice, and Compassion for oneself and others. For an introduction to Nichiren Buddhism go to youtube- (Soka Gakkai...  more
    led by Kenneth Dey

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    America First Again

    Dedicated to supporting a President that makes NO MONEY for the job he does. Dedicated to COMMON SENSE VALUES. Dedicated to whichever God you worship (as long as he/she is a CHRISTIAN God). Dedicated to allowing people to NOT BE AFRAID TO BE DONALD TRUMP...  more
    led by Paul Vitagliano

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    Conservative Firing Line

    The ProAmerica Only group for the Conservative Firing Line. Please check out, read our articles and share them out! Our site can be seen here -
    led by Joe Newby

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    Erskine has been an award winning, talk show host for over 25 years reaching people all over North America and around the world. He can be heard on local stations and the internet through a variety of places.

    His website:  more
    led by Ron Boat

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    Taxpayer Burdens

    If any group member has heard something or has an article to post about government waste of taxpayer dollars, post it here. Can be about foreign aid, entitlements for illegals, budgetary overpayments, etc.
    led by Amy L

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    Conservative pet lovers.

    This group is detracted to the sharing of information, that can bring pet owners closer together. It will help us share our experiences, and help with care and health information!
    All pet owners are welcome to join and share!
    led by Dan Colucci

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    This group supports the election of Conservatives. No liberals are welcome. I have found that Liberals cannot handle the truth about how bad the corruption is in the Democrat Party.
    led by Jim Balfanz

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    Bill Sharpe stop the Communist demonic Islamic Democratic Party

    This group is to share information and edified the uninformed, and promoting the Constitution of the United States of America.
    led by Bill Sharp

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    Penny's Gun Porn

    I just love guns and believe me I will post allot! lol
    Sorry if there are doubles in there, facebook got me all screwed up and didn't get them all.
    led by Penny Hodgins