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This great country has maintained it's freedoms and peace for hundreds of years because we all stood united as one, Fighting against our enemies in unity. Not just for our own nation, but for America's allies and for any other nation that desires their freedoms and peace.

But today we need to protect our own homeland from our enemies now crossing over our borders as well as our enemies from within who have merged into our country in vast numbers over the past twenty years. These races have been siting here idling with American citizenship's while they have been living on welfare, raising large families. These families have now become active American citizens who have united together and vote against American Cultures, our liberties and our freedoms.

"Today We The People" red blooded American Patriots can no longer sit back when our freedoms depend on us. Here's why, it's a sad fact. Our FREEDOMS and PEACE need to be defended and protected at all cost against this Islam and migrant invasion onto our great countries soil. If we don't don't unite together as American Patriots just as our enemies from within have then I'm afraid our children's, children will ask us, "Grandpa, Grandma, what was freedom like? and how come I have to marry that old man?

Now I don't know about you folks but I will die protecting our God given freedoms which we take for granted everyday bought and paid for by the blood of our fallen freedom fighting warriors. Yes I will die defending our God given right for freedom. after all we were all born free and my ears refuse to hear that question. What was freedom like.


Commentary written by Rev James Erick