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Outline From “How to Study Your Bible”

The Joy and Value of Inductive Bible Study
The Rule of Context- Context Rules
a) Step 1 Begin with Prayer –
b) Step 2 Identify the Context
c) Step 3 Observe the Obvious
d) Step 4 Deal with the text objectively
e) Step 5 Read with a purpose
Getting the Big Picture
a) Step 1 Begin on your Knees
b) Step 2 Read and Reread the Book
c) Step 3 Identify the type of literature
d) Step 4 Deal with the text Objectively
e) Step 5 Use the 5 W’s and an H
f) Step 6 Discover Facts about people and events
g) Step 7 Mark Key Words
h) Step 8 Discern the main themes of the book
i) Step 9 Develop an At a Glance Chart
j) Step 10 Discover the Theme of each chapter
k) Step 11 Identify clearly defined segments

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