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Are You Ready?
Ron Bliss

Are you ready, time is coming to this universe?
You don’t need to pack a thing, there’s no need to rehearse.

The day is near that some might fear, but many, they do not,
Blink of an eye they’ll disappear while others are forgot.

Are you ready for that day, my friend this is not mirth.
When angels busily gather from the corners of the earth.

One here, one there, from everywhere, the people disappear,
Some think its fiction, it is fact, the Bible is quite clear.

The signs were told, eons ago, the church would leave this realm,
Bound for eternal paradise as God is at the helm.

Too long has Satan ruled the hearts of mankind everywhere,
Too long so many love this life; have shown they do not care,

Very few signs unfulfilled and little time remains,
Harvest time is coming soon to reap the worthy grain.

We do not know this time to come, for dates and such are hidden,
The given signs show time is near, and that is not forbidden.

Are you ready for that day or will you stay behind?
That’s a question for your soul and not one of the mind.

Stay the way that leads to God, remaining ever steady,
The most important question is, “My Friend, Are You Ready”?