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American economy Stats; 263,000 NEW jobs the last quarter(3 months). 3.2 average pay increase nationwide. Unemployment is so Low that it rotates. There are 50,000 MORE jobs than job seekers. This means unemployment is a virtual ZERO. Obama said it would take magic to do this. Looks like the Don IS magic then! Lol. Businesses of one kind and another are and WILL close up forcing changes in careers for managers and employees. This is how a dynamic(constantly changing) economy works. Democrats ARE Totally Lost in understanding this because they ARE Marxists. Our grade schools, high schools and colleges have to Get Real to understand Correctly, what kind of education classes and education EXACTLY, are needed to survive grow and prosper in an environment(surroundings) like this. Don't panic if the stock markets go down as much as 25% over a 4 month period soon because the Fed is highly likely to raise short term, 90 day, interest rates. This will make bonds more profitable than stocks and people will jump out of the stocks, big time and invest their money in bonds. Jobs will stay. Lastly, there is a major invention, I don't have permission to talk about, that will hit the American economy like a ton of POSITIVE Bricks in about 4 months. Democrats KNOW about it already and ARE trying to sabotage it. EVIL Democrats.

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