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How Ranked-Choice Voting HARMS America

  • Proponents of ranked-choice voting, which is also known as instant-runoff voting or RCV, argue that it creates a more fair and functional system. Those proponents, of course, are Democrats. The Dems figured out that changing the way people vote could change the outcome of elections regardless of what the majority of voters want. Keeping that in mind, we should also think of RCV as rigged-choice voting.


    Ranked-Choice Voting Explained

    Maine Democrats came up with RCV as a direct response to having their candidate having his ass handed to him in two elections when the Republican competitor received 48% of the vote. The main difference between ranked-choice voting is that rather than voting for your candidate of choice, voters vote for every candidate, ranking them in order of preference. Using this system, the candidates who rank last are eliminated round by round, like a game of political Musical Chairs.


    Where is RCV in Use?

    Going into 2019, the states in which cities are already using RCV include California, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New Mexico. According to the rating system used at the website, all of these states rated either MAGA Lite or No MAGA because they have few—if any—Republican representatives at the higher levels of government. Coincidence? Absolutely not.

    Florida, Michigan, Oregon, Tennessee, and Utah are also slated to use RCV, though it has not had its first use there yet. Florida, Tennessee, and Utah rated as Strong MAGA, which means three-quarters or more of the state’s higher-level reps are Republican. The strong Republican foothold these states enjoy will be put at direct risk once RCV is put into action in these states.


    The Case Against RCV

    Rather than contributing to fair elections, RCV has had the opposite effect on our elections, leading to low voter turnout, an increased number of disqualified ballots, and no majority support. This disheartens voters who feel like their votes don’t matter because they may not be counted. How does this empower voters and contribute to lessening inequalities within our country’s electoral process? The simple answer is it doesn’t.


    What We the People Can Do to Stop It

    This past November Republican congressman Bruce Poliquin of Maine’s 2nd congressional district sought an injunction against state Attorney General Matthew Dunlap on the grounds that RCV is unconstitutional as “The right to vote ‘is of the most fundamental significance under our constitutional structure.’” The lawsuit sought to invalidate the runoff election he lost to Democrat challenger Jared Golden, who would not have won the seat if this crooked voting system had not been implemented. In December a federal judge struck down the suit.

    With activist judges refusing to uphold the constitution that is the backbone and foundation of this country the fight against voter fraud can feel like a losing battle, but that is the reason it is crucial for American citizens to stand up and fight. In Santa Fe, New Mexico the high court refused to force RCV on the voters. They fought it, and you can too. It’s time to demand that our constitutional right to vote be upheld and honored—before 2020 is here and it’s too late to take action.


    Here’s a list of things you can do to make sure your voice is heard

    • Support politicians who are fighting against RCV
    • Show up to meetings for your state’s Republican party
    • Use social media to raise awareness of this issue. Tweet directly to President Trump and join Conservative social media sites that support your rights as citizens.
    • Write letters to your representatives. Call, email, and make some noise! If you are in a state or city with RCV, start at the local level and work your way up. If your state doesn’t have RCV, go straight to the top with your demands. You can find contact information at com and on in the State Forums section.


    Ranked-choice voting impedes our constitutional right to have our votes count. It favors states’ majority parties, period. Any claim to the contrary is just more Democrat voter fraud. And they’re getting away with it.

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