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What Can You, an Average American Citizen, Do to Help the US?

  • Isn't it incredible to be American during the term(s) of the People's President? One of many benefits of having Trump in office is he stands up for real everyday Americans like you. Let's face it, many of us feel like our voices aren't being heard, especially with Conservative censorship on social media running rampant.


    We the People finally have a President who listens to US. So why not exercise your rights as an American and send him a message directly! 


    Here's an example of an email sent to President Trump earlier today by the founder of Rob Raskin and his wife Kathey about the issues that are most important to them. I encourage you to send your own message to the White House. You can copy this one directly or make your own. The important thing is that we all make sure the President understands that he has our support on these critical issues!


    Dear Mr. President


    We the People respectfully request you take action on following issues:


    Voter Fraud: If our votes don’t count, why do we vote? When we don’t have fair reporting across the country and when non-citizens are allowed to vote, it diminishes the voting power of legal citizens. We need voter ID.


    Border Wall: Shut the border until we get the wall, effective border security, and immigration enforcement. America is a nation of law, order, and AMERICANS, and we want to keep it that way.


    US History: When our history is not taught in schools and our statues are destroyed, we are denying what made us Americans in the first place. We need legislature that will keep Democrat hands off our nation’s history.


    Gender: There are two genders: male and female. Allowing people to choose whichever bathroom they identify with and penalizing us for using correct pronouns is insane. Please put an immediate stop to it.


    Democrat Hatred: The House and Senate are disrespectful to both you and the country, and we are done with it. They should be reprimanded and suspended without pay for each offense if they can’t respect their position.


    Enemies from Within: No one should be allowed to be sworn in in a Burka or on a Koran. Legislators who try to change our laws, rules, and traditions to fit their own agenda should be made to step down from their position.


    Federal Reserve: The Federal Reserve System needs to be thrown out of our country, just as Russia has done. They have devalued our currency, and it harms the middle-class. The US should return to the gold standard.


    Arrests: Charges must be filed and arrests MUST be made, from Soros on down to Obama, Biden, Hillary, Comey, Rosenstein, and all the others who committed Treason against the United States of America.


    What an honor it is to be American during the time of the greatest President this country has ever seen! We look forward to seeing what you are going to do for our nation next.


    Thank you,

    Rob and Kathleen Raskin


    CLICK HERE to go to the White House contact form. 

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