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CA and NY Dems Expand Healthcare for Illegals

  • By Starla Simms January 11, 2019


    What is wrong with New York and California? There are veterans who are not able to get medical treatments, inner cities with schools that need to be funded, and homeless people using the streets like toilets, so what are New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and California Governor Gavin Newsom going to do about it? Both have plans to extend healthcare benefits to illegal aliens.


    Illegals are seeking healthcare at emergency rooms, leaving states to foot the bill. Leave it to Liberal logic to determine the solution to this is not to deport them, but to become sanctuary states and hand them everything for free instead. While President Trump is fighting tooth and nail to put Americans first, these Democrat lawmakers are doing everything in their power to make sure them are second in line.


    Currently, noncitizens must show they fall into one of several “satisfactory immigration status” categories in order to be eligible for benefits. This includes being registered for DACA and those who have filed for protected status to avoid deportation. Being illegal and not in the system at all is not one of these satisfactory statuses, and this is what these Democrat politicians want to change.


    On MSNBC’s Morning Joe show de Blasio said, “We’re going to have a lot of people going to work sick and making everyone else sick. We want a healthy society in every sense, and here is a way to invest upfront to get it right.”


    Another way we could have a healthy society is to spend our money providing basic healthcare and housing to the legal citizens who are already here. If there isn’t funding for that, where are they finding the funding to pay for this? Conservative taxpayers in both states, who did not elect these incompetents and do not want illegal immigrants in their communities, will be forced to foot the bill.


    The truth is, Democrat politicians wouldn't care about illegals' healthcare at all if it wasn't popular to do so right now. They’re simply pretending to care because it appeals to the Liberals who keep electing them.


    Let’s face it, if Trump said he was going to speed up the process of executing death row inmates instead of letting them languish in prison for the equivalent of a life sentence, Newsom and de Blasio would be out there smiling as they pushed a bill to pardon death row inmates.


    Democrat politicians will forget about this and move on to the next Liberal hysteria trend, but it'll still be law and the American taxpayer will still have to pay for it. Meanwhile, the number of US citizens without health insurance has risen to over 15%, leaving millions without coverage and unable to get their basic health care needs met while illegal immigrants get their care for free.


    How is this fair to Americans? It’s not.

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