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Out with Obamacare, In with the Wall

  • By Starla Simms January 17, 2019


    Obamacare was enacted in 2010, and in 2013 Republicans attempted to delay certain aspects of the act through funding bill provisions. When they were unable to reach a funding agreement with the Dem-controlled Senate, Obama shut the government down. Millions of people were opposed to the Affordable Care Act because it took away our right to choose our own policies based upon our own needs and drove premiums up to the point that the coverage was unaffordable and unusable.


    Despite the opposition, Democrats praised the move because they felt the shutdown was necessary to protect Americans from harm, and Obama was hailed as a hero and a champion of the people. Congress then betrayed the people it is bound to serve by penalizing them for not being able to afford healthcare. Rather than getting their expected tax refunds, many families found themselves owing money to the IRS and making payments to them instead of being able to afford health insurance premiums.


    Between 2013 and 2017, Obamacare premiums more than doubled, and by 2018 average premiums for even the most basic plans had increased by a third. Even the lowest cost plan is upward of $11K, which is far beyond the reach of many hardworking families. On top of that, the entire Obamacare law is unconstitutional because it revolves around the individual mandate, which has been ruled to be unconstitutional.


    Conservatives on Twitter were quick to point out the hypocrisy of the Democrats when it comes to the border wall and Obamacare.


    Now President Trump has shut the government down until the Democrat-controlled Congress agrees to fund the southern border wall we so desperately need to restore law and order to our great nation. Unlike Obamacare, the wall will save billions of dollars instead of costing taxpayers, and it will not negatively impact American families because there is no downside to lowering crime and freeing up jobs for lower skilled legal citizens.


    Still, millions of Democrats are opposed to the wall because it takes away their right to…use their taxpayer dollars to support people who are in our country illegally? Obama claimed the ACA would lower premiums an average of $2,500 per family, but he was so, so wrong. Still, he was the president, and he was calling the shots. Now President Trump has shut the government down because he truly believes he is protecting Americans. Like it or not, he was elected, and now he’s calling the shots.


    President Trump called it when he described Obamacare as “Just socialism and a middle-class tax camouflaged as healthcare.” But it was forced upon the Conservatives who didn’t want it anyway. Now the Democrats are calling the southern border wall racist and ineffective, but guess what, Dems? No matter what you think of it, we need it anyway. It’s time to suck it up because we’re getting our wall, just like we had to suck it up when you wanted to destroy our healthcare.


    Oh, and by the way, since Obamacare is now unconstitutional, the IRS should return all penalty fees to those who had to pay them. I am willing to happily donate my share to be used for a big, beautiful border wall. And while you’re at it, Democrats, how about sitting down with the president and figuring out how Trumpcare is going to work. Obstructionists, We the People are ready for improved health, safety, and prosperity under President Trump, now get out of our way.