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Newsom Wants to Protect You from Killers, If They’re Citizens

  • Two members of the murderous Manson Family are up for parole in California. The only thing standing between them and the rest of us is Gavin Newsom, the same delusional Democrat who said, “Sanctuary cities are about keeping people safe.

    A panel has recommended Manson Family killers Robert Beausoleil and Leslie Van Houten be released on parole. Unless Newsom blocks their release, they will be freed in the near future and coming to a neighborhood near you. Will Newsom take action to make sure dangerous criminals are kept far away from the rest of us? That depends on whether or not they are US citizens or illegal immigrants. In Gavin Newsom's California, it is possible that US citizen inmates who have done everything they are supposed to in order to reenter society will remain incarcerated while undocumented lawbreakers roam freely. 

    Critics of Gavin Newsom’s sanctuary state policies argue that he is protecting criminals, not law-abiding citizens. Newsom believes by removing the rule of law, those who are victims of or witnesses to crime will be more likely to communicate with law enforcement officers. The obvious point here that Newsom is failing to take into consideration is that people who have been murdered are 100% less likely to communicate with officers. In other words, Newsom is prioritizing witnesses to crimes over actual victims of crimes, with seemingly no thought given to preventing those crimes in the first place.

    When the Manson Family decided to kill, there were no surviving witnesses, save for the killers themselves. Now only the victims’ family members are left to fight to see justice served, too late to save their loved ones. Debra Tate, sister of the late actress Sharon Tate, who was slaughtered by the Manson Family, is pleading for Governor Newsom to halt the release of Family members Van Houten and Beausoleil. 

    Beausoleil has been imprisoned since he was convicted of the 1969 murder of music teacher Gary Hinman. He had been sentenced to death and imprisoned at the time Sharon Tate, her unborn baby, and her friends were slaughtered, though that sentence was later commuted to life. Until he was tortured to death by them, Beausoleil’s victim, Hinman, believed Manson and company were his friends. Does any of this sound familiar, Democrats?

    Van Houten was present the night affluent Los Angeles grocer Leno LaBianca and his wife Rosemary were butchered in their own home. Like a Democrat, she originally claimed she only stabbed Mrs. LaBianca after she was dead, later changing her story when it became advantageous. Despite Van Houten not being present the night Sharon Tate was murdered, Debra Tate is fighting to stop her release and the release of Beausoleil on behalf of the surviving members of their families, who have not been able to bring themselves to face their loved ones’ killers.

    It is theorized that the LaBiancas’ may have been targeted because Manson was familiar with their home, having previously attended a few parties at a neighbor’s house. As was the case with Hinman, the killers had been welcomed into homes. This put those who chose to welcome the killers at risk and their unwitting neighbors. One can safely presume most of the people who attended the LaBiancas’ neighbors’ parties did not go on to kill anyone. Most of them were good people, but one of them was Manson.

    According to the US Customs and Border Patrol Website, in 2018 6,259 criminal aliens were arrested while trying to enter the US. Many of these criminals have been convicted of numerous offenses, so the total overall number of crimes these aliens were convicted of is 7,820. In 2018 396,579 undocumented people were apprehended after entering the country illegally. Though the percentage of undocumented immigrants who are committing criminal acts is comparatively low, it could be lowered even further by demanding migrants enter our country legally or not at all.

    Most undocumented immigrants may very well be good people, but how can we know that if they haven’t been vetted before they are admitted into the country? Do we only want to find out someone in close proximity to us is a cold-blooded killer after they are arrested for the crime, the way the people around them did with the Manson Family? Our immigration laws are in place for a reason. They are meant to let good people in while keeping us safe from the bad ones, however rare they may be. Statistics show that most undocumented immigrants are not going to go on to commit crimes in the US, but the news and crime TV tells us that some will.

    If criminal migrants had been prevented from entering the US illegally in the first place, their previous crimes would have been discovered as they attempted to enter at an approved port, and they never would have committed crimes here in the US at all. Here in the US, their victims are also not necessarily going to be US citizens. Everyone around these criminals will be at risk, even the other undocumented immigrants who live around them in California. After all, it’s not like the Manson Family checked anyone’s citizenship paperwork before they killed them.

    Ironically, if Newsom blocks Beausoleil’s and Van Houten’s parole, he will prove he is only interested in protecting California residents from criminals when it makes him look good to his Liberal voter base. Both Beausoleil and Van Houten have been model prisoners. Our criminal justice system provides a path back into society for inmates who do their time the right way, staying out of trouble, volunteering, and getting an education.

    Although both Manson Family members were originally sentenced to death, when those sentences were commuted to life they automatically became eligible for future parole. Technically they have paid their debt to society, and they should be set free. But Newsom won’t do that, just like Jerry Brown refused to do it before him. Meanwhile, the next Tex Watson could be coming across the border into California, as serial killer Angel Maturino Reséndiz, aka The Railroad Killer, once did. Newsom simply doesn’t care.

    Regarding keeping Van Houten behind bars, Debra Tate was quoted as saying "I just have to hope and pray that the governor comes to the right decision."

    If Tate is waiting for a Democrat to do the right thing, she might be waiting for a long time, as we recently learned from the Schumer Pelosi Shutdown.

    Letting those who have broken our laws into our country unvetted because they might be good people may sound good in theory to Democrats, but when you think about the next potential Manson Family members moving in next door to your house, it sounds less appealing. When Beausoleil and Van Houten are released from prison, they’re going to be someone’s neighbor. Both killers are white, and due to their cult status both will most likely have financial backers as well. Democrats won’t be able to count on gentrification to keep themselves safe, but at least there are systems in place that will alert them to their presence in their neighborhoods. 

    President Trump signed the historic and bipartisan “First Step Act” to strengthen rehabilitation programs, to give judges more discretion in sentencing offenders for nonviolent crimes, and to place federal inmates no more than 500 miles from their hometowns so their families can visit them, allowing them to maintain vital connections that will help them to eventually reenter society. The president wants to help all Americans make America great again. A part of that is ensuring our laws are applied fairly to everyone, and not just when it makes him look favorable, unlike Newsom.

    This kind of hypocrisy makes it easy to see why Democrats are so against voter ID laws, doesn’t it?