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The NPVIC: Dangerous and Unconstitutional

  • The crooked Democrats had plenty of tricks up their sleeves in the 2018 midterm elections. Their latest dirty trick is known National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. The NPVIC is a bill that will effectively hand the presidency to the candidate to wins the popular vote without abolishing the Electoral College. The problem? The US is a Representative Republic, and the NPVIC is unconstitutional.


    Despite arguments that the NPVIC will give Democrats an unfair advantage, President Trump has spoken out for the abolishment of the Electoral College in the past.


    Then President-Elect Trump told Sixty Minute’ Lesley Stahl, “I would rather see it, where you went with simple votes. You know, you get 100 million votes, and somebody else gets 90 million votes, and you win.  There’s a reason for doing this.  Because it brings all the states into play.”


    When Stahl asked the President if he believed the system was rigged despite winning with the Electoral College, Trump said, “Yes. Some of the election locations are. Some of the system is.” The President also once Tweeted that the Electoral College was a “disaster for democracy.” The Founding Fathers, however, would beg to differ.


    The framers of the Constitution created the Electoral College for a reason. They meant for each state to have sovereignty, giving each a say in how the government is run. It is the responsibility of each state to not leave the running of the country to the federal government. The Founding Fathers created this system to be more stable, because in a true democracy, the minority has no voice.


    In the case of popular elections, the minority—which in this case is smaller states—does not have a voice because it will be swallowed up by the needs of those in larger states that may not even be on the same side of the country. In our current system, states are allowed to determine how to decide their own elections, but they aren’t allowed to base those results upon the elections of other states, as the NPVIC requires.


    The NPVIC bill is designed so the Electoral College will continue to be observed because the states are merely pledging to give their Electoral College votes to the popular winner, rather than switching over the popular vote entirely. This would eliminate the need to amend the Constitution. However, the bill does not call for the implementation of standard national voting rules.


    If it passes, the NPVIC bill will place too much power into the hands of Democrats who will stop at nothing to win because they can potentially make up their own rules as they go along. I’m looking at you, California. The Electoral College is one of many anti-majoritarian provisions of our constitution, and it is necessary because it will prevent a president from being elected who is only popular in one area of the country. 


    On the surface, it may seem that the NPVIC would simplify elections as President Trump has suggested, but the truth is the consequences of this dangerous, radical agenda would be anything but simple for smaller states. The only permitted method of abolishing the Electoral College is through a federal constitutional amendment. An interstate compact that has been negotiated by individual states is a violation of everyone’s rights.


    Only five times in US history has the presidential election gone to a candidate who lost the popular vote. The last such candidate was President Trump. So far, the Electoral College seems to be working out pretty well for Trump’s America. Let’s keep this country headed in the right direction and return to the rule of law and order, as the Founding Fathers intended.


    With the NPVIC, 270 electoral votes will guarantee the winner of the election based upon the popular vote. Currently, Compact members have 172 electoral votes between the 11 states. It will take just 98 more electoral votes for the Compact to go into effect. It’s time for all Patriots to let their legislators know to say NO to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. You can find contact information at