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Democrats’ Latest Victims: The Mentally Ill

  • There is nothing the Democrats won’t stoop to in their quest to disparage President Trump. This week’s newest victim in their relentless quest to win in 2020: the mentally ill.


    Anthony Comello got sloppy when he killed mob boss Francesco Cali in front of his Staten Island home. Thanks to this, he is now known as the first mobster to be caught carrying out a hit on video. The mafia can’t be too happy about this, and 24-year-old Comello has to know because of it his days are numbered, whether he’s in prison or not.


    The media says Comello’s motivations for writing “MAGA Forever,” “United We Stand MAGA,” and “Make America Great Again” on his hands and then waving them around when he appeared in court last week are “unclear.” Comello’s motives, and the idiocy behind them, are only unclear if you’re a Liberal. To the rest of us, it is painfully obvious that he’s trying to throw investigators off the trail of the real motive so his bosses won’t have him whacked.


    What Comello is attempting is so stupid that even his own lawyer won’t comment on it, but it’s hardly surprising. Painting President Trump and his supporters as “crazies” who can’t be trusted to know what they’re talking about is such a common Democrat tactic that it was only matter of time before someone tried to use MAGA as an insanity defense for a crime that had nothing to do with American politics.


    America’s legal system has plenty of shameful examples of people exploiting mental illness and the mentally ill to get away with murder. Perhaps the most famous of these is the “Twinkie defense,” in which defense attorneys suggested that Democrat Dan White slaughtered Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone because he had depression brought about by abrupt withdrawal from Twinkies.


    This week Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway doubled-down on using the stigma of mental illness to mock President Trump. The focus of Conway’s most recent attacks against the President is his belief that Trump suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, or NPD. When it comes to his armchair diagnosis, Mr. Kellyanne Conway’s motives are as transparent as those of Anthony Comello.


    The Evidence

    Exhibit A

    Where's George Conway? Not with the President.


    Exhibit B

    Where's George Conway? Behind Kellyanne, holding her coat, where he belongs.


    Professor Allen Frances, the psychologist who wrote the definition of NPD, has gone on the record saying President Trump does not meet the diagnostic criteria for the condition, and suggesting he does is an insult to the mentally ill.


    The problem here isn’t that Trump has malignant narcissism: it’s that George Conway can’t stand to see his wife basking in the spotlight that being a key part of Trump’s administration has shined upon her. Conway is a little man who can only feel big if he puts his wife down. Kellyanne is a dynamo, while her husband is a bitter failure who begged for a job in Trump’s administration and was turned down.


    Twitter is not taking Conway’s lack of respect for his wife lightly. Eric Trump has slammed Conway in the past for showing disrespect for all Kellyanne has fought to achieve. Now President Trump himself is lashing out at Conway, calling him a “husband from hell.”



    This past December Kellyanne herself described her husband’s comments as “a violation of basic decency, certainly, if not marital vows.”


    According to a Gallup poll, Republicans enjoy greater overall mental health than Democrats, with 53% reporting excellent mental health, compared to just 38% of Democrats. A recent study in the Journal of Political Science also determined that Liberals are more likely to be psychotic than Conservatives, correcting a previous version of the study that had an error that earlier caused them to report the opposite findings. The researchers involved claimed the error in calculating the data was an innocent mistake, but that seems unlikely given the current climate and the frequency of “mistakes” that only benefit Democrats.


    It's estimated that personality disorders affect 15% of Americans, with 0.5% to 1% of the US population is suffering from NPD. This is a serious problem with consequences for everyone in society. Stigmatizing those who suffer from mental illnesses such as these only makes it harder for them to seek help. 


    The only thing shameful about mental illness is attempting to shame the mentally ill for political popularity points. We should all be ashamed to live in a society in which Democrats encourage and condone this. 

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