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Antifa Threatens President Trump


    by Andrew Zarowny, 8/14/2018


    The U.S. Secret Service is now investigating Antifa, the violent, Far-Left protest group, after some of its members have made threats against President Donald Trump. On Sunday, the one-year anniversary of riots in Charlottesville, Antifa led protest marches in both Charlottesville and in Washington, DC. Wearing their usual garb of black outfits with masks covering their faces, some were interviewed by reporters. Antifa members made threats against President Trump, some wanting to ″beat his ass″, one even wanted to kill him, referencing former Libyan leader Gaddafi.


    It is a wonder why the FBI and other government agencies do not regard Antifa as a domestic terrorist group? They act purely on hate, acting anyone they oppose, often with physical violence. They have infringed on many Americans practicing their First Amendment Right of Free Speech. Antifa has caused extensive damage to private and public property. During this weekend, they even physically assaulted a reporter from NBC News, which oddly enough did not air the story of the attack.


    Antifa claims that they are all about opposing Fascism, but, given their history and methods, they behave more like Fascists, themselves. They are, in fact, Socialists, which puts them in the same boat as Fascists like Neo-Nazis. What we are seeing often resembles Berlin during the 1920s and 30s, when Brown-shirt Nazis fought in the streets with Black-shirted Marxist-Communists. Both groups believed in the same theory of Socialism. The differences between them were quite minor.


    There is no doubt that Antia is anti-American. In Washington DC this past Sunday, they marched through the streets chanting, ″No Borders, No Walls, No USA At All.″ In Charlottesville, they chanted, ″All Cops Are Racists.″ So, they have no love for America nor any respect for our laws. Some might call Antifa an anarchist group, but it is clear that they want to replace our Constitutional Republic with a Socialist dictatorship, with themselves in charge. I hope that the Secret Service takes them seriously, along with the rest of law enforcement, as it is high time that these violent radicals begin to get arrested.


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