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John Brennan Security Clearance Revoked


    by Andrew Zarowny, 8/16/2018


    Former CIA Director John Brennan had his security clearance revoked by President Donald Trump. The official statement on why this was done cites Brennan′s ″erratic behavior″ since leaving government service. The President probably should have included the many failings of Brennan while in government service as well. There is little reason for why anyone currently in government should want to consult with Brennan on any national security matters. Therefore, he should not have any access to classified material.


    Let us take a quick look at the history of John Brennan. In 1976, Brennan voted for Gus Hall, the presidential candidate of the Communist Party of the USA. This, in the midst of the Cold War, when the Soviet Union had some 30,000 nuclear warheads aimed at us. Just 8 years after the same Soviet Union sent military troops into Czechoslovakia to suppress a popular uprising as its citizens desired freedom and liberty.


    I suspect that when John Brennan joined the CIA, his intention was to infiltrate it in order to pass secrets along to the Soviet Union and to undermine our government and our way of life. In more recent years, Brennan showed that he was a failure. As CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia, Brennan failed to protect American lives and interests after the Khobar Tower bombings. As Barack Obama′s CIA Director, Brennan lied to Congress and to the American people when the CIA was spying on members of the Senate Intelligence Committee and their staff. In 2016, it was Brennan who informed Senator Harry Reid about the phoney, ″dirty dossier″ compiled by Christopher Steele. In turn, Reid demanded the James Comey have the FBI investigate the Trump campaign for possible collusion with the Russians.


    Since leaving the CIA, John Brennan has become a very vocal critic of President Trump, hurling outlandish charges and insults against him. Brennan parlayed his position into a cushy job as a commentator for NBC News. No other former CIA Director has been as public nor as provocative in attacking a sitting President. Brennan shows all of the signs of mental instability, afflicted with ″Trump Derangement Syndrome″.


    On July 23 of this year, Senator Rand Paul visited the White House and spoke with President Trump about revoking the security clearances of John Brennan and many other former members of the Obama administration, along with those members of the FBI and DOJ hierarchy who played a significant role in the white-washing of the Hillary Clinton email probe and the witch hunt of the Russian collusion fable. In the announcement yesterday, those other characters, all of whom have a history of lying to Congress and the America people or of turn government institutions into highly politicized, partisan weapons, were named as also subject to having their security clearances revoked in the near future.


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