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More Google, Facebook Political Bias Exposed


    by Andrew Zarowny, 8/30/2018


    More political bias against Conservatives has been exposed on Google, Facebook and Twitter. Brian Amerige posted a message about the lack of political tolerance and diversity at Facebook on an internal company forum. This was leaked to the New York Times, which published it. Meanwhile, a new study by PJMedia shows that some 92% of all Google searches about President Donald Trump go to negative articles about him. Mostly to sites belonging to the Fake News Media, like CNN, MSNBC, NBC, the Washington Post, etc. Recently, it was shown that some Republican candidates running for the House and Senate were being described as racists by a Google feature on web searches. Twitter has also been accused lately of shadow-masking Republicans, as well as some hash-tag terms used by Conservatives.


    Google and Facebook account for some 90% of all advertising dollars in the American Internet marketplace. You-Tube, owned by Google′s parent company Alphabet Inc, along with Facebook have been ending the funding to many Conservative users. Videos and other posts are often taken down or blocked from being viewed by the public. Many popular Conservatibe commentators, like Diamond and Silk, have seen their revenues sharply decline along with web traffic to their sites.


    Algorithms used by these companies, developed by their mostly Liberal employees, are interfering with access to Conservatives on the Internet. Much of this started in 2011 after the results of the 2010 midterm elections, when the Tea Party Revolution wrestled the House of Representatives away from the Democratic Party. A swing of some 60-plus seats to Republicans played a major role in blocking Barack Obama from carrying out his transformation of America into a Socialist nation.


    Since the election of President Donald Trump in 2016, the war between Silicon Valley and Conservatives has reached new heights. There seems to be no shame at all in how far the Liberal Big Tech companies will go into blocking users from accessing anything contrary to their political viewpoint. Keywords like ″Trump news″ will rarely direct users to any positive website articles, such as those about the improvements in our nation′s economy. Instead, you are much more likely to be directed to fake news articles about the latest phony allegations about collusion with Russia or other matters.


    The Internet offered much promise in liberating expression and free thought when originally conceived. However, with so much of it now controlled by just a handful of corporations, all of whom share one vision of the political world, the potential of free speech on the Internet is in peril. One of the classic definitions of Fascism is Big Government and Big Business working together to control their population. Controlling what information you can find and read is a big part of such tyranny. By only showing one type of content, one political viewpoint, is far worse than any silly meddling alleged to have been done by Russian hackers in the last election.


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