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Crazy Joe Scarborough Crazier


    by Andrew Zarowny, 9/12/2018


    Crazy Joe Scarborough of MSNBC got even crazier than usual yesterday. He penned an op ed for the Washington Post claiming that President Donald Trump is more dangerous to America than the Al Qaeda terrorists who hijacked jetliners back on September 11, 2001. Psycho Scarborough even as far to say that those terrorists ″unified America″, while Crazy Joe accused President Trump of causing disunity. After considerable backlash, Scarborough gave a halfhearted admission that he may have gone a bit too far.


    So Joe Scarborough thinks that the 9/11 hijackers were good guys, bravely sacrificing their lives, along with over 3,000 others, for the purpose of unifying America. Well, those were dark times. The country was still reeling, apparently in Joe′s mind, from the hanging chad syndrome, which put George W. Bush in the White House instead of Al Gore. Maybe Crazy Joe thinks that Trump beating Hillary, thanks to Russia, is just as shameful?


    You really have to wonder how a freak like Joe Scarborough ever got elected to Congress, let alone find his way to a high-paying, cushy job on TV? Every time I see Psycho Joe′s head, I am reminded of those aliens with the big forehead from the movie, ″This Island Earth″. Joe could pass for Brak communicating via an interrositor. All Scarborough needs to do is dye his hair white and look for ways to turn lead into uranium. Then he can get Hillary Clinton to sell it to the Russians.


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