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Hillary Clinton Hates Democracy



    by Andrew Zarowny, 9/18/2018


    Hillary Clinton wrote an op ed for The Atlantic magazine about how America is in a state of crisis. Indeed it is, mostly because of her and those who tried to help in before, during and after the 2016 elections. Naturally, she blames President Donald Trump in her article, citing 5 reasons why he is a threat to democracy. However, each one of those 5 points were actually something she did, or was done for her by others. Worst yet, Hillary Clinton wrote that she wants to abolish the Electoral College, a keystone to our democratic-republic, and reduce America to mob rule by Socialists from New York state and California.


    The first take-away from Hillary Clinton′s op ed is that she has yet to reconcile the real reasons why she lost the 2016 elections. From the very beginning of her campaign, it was based on the false premise that the 2016 election was hers to win. That she was entitled to her chance at being president. Everything was rigged to go her way. She essentially bought, or rented, the DNC, allowing her to rig the Democratic Party primary process in her favor. Once we shifted into the general election campaign, her allies in the Barack Obama administration and the Fake News Media did all they could to tilt the elections for her.


    The Obama administration even helped her before the start of the general election campaign, namely by exonerating her of any crimes she may have committed as Secretary of State. The FBI and DOJ completely whitewashed her gross mishandling of classified material when she opted to use a private email server to protect her communications from annoying FIOA requests. We also have the probable criminal graft from Pay-For-Play schemes like the Uranium One deal. Hillary′s aide, Huma Abedin, carted off boxes of Hillary′s files out of the State Department and mostly likely headed for the nearest shredder and incinerator to cover up any evidence.


    Hillary Clinton has a lot of nerve trying to lecture us about democracy. She never practiced it herself and did all she could to get around it. I have little doubt that one day, historians will look back at the Clinton and Obama administrations with a sober, objective eye and realize just how corrupt they were. They will wonder how America survived this brand of tyranny?


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