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Kavanaugh Accuser Balks


    by Andrew Zarowny, 9/19/2018


    The woman accusing Brett Kavanaugh of an alleged sexual assault 36 years ago is unwilling to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday. A lawyer for Christine Blasey Ford says that Ford will not appear until after the FBI investigates her allegations. The FBI says that it will not investigate unless ordered to do so by the White House. The Senate Committee was to vote Thursday, tomorrow, on whether or not to approve Brett Kavanaugh for a full vote by the Senate next week. Republicans had planned on completing the process before October, so Kavanaugh may fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court when they return to session.


    The problem is that the allegations are so old, and the details remembered by the accuser so few, that even Columbo would have a hard time solving this mystery. Ford, a professor of psychology in California, does not recall the date of the event, nor where exactly it took place. Other than Kavanaugh and his high school buddy, Mark Judge, Ford does not even remember who else might have been at the house party where she claims the alleged assault might have happened.

    Both Kavanaugh and Judge deny that the alleged assault occurred. Brett Kavanaugh says that he does not even remember ever meeting his accuser. Meanwhile, some 65 women who did know Kavanaugh in high school and college all signed a letter defending him as a good guy who was always well mannered. Two women who dated Kavanaugh back then say he usually only drank one beer and was always very kind and respectful. One said that at high school parties, it was Kavanaugh who was usually the guy who kept others from acting up.


    As for Ford, her background is dubious. She is a long-time Democratic Party activist who recently scrubbed her social media accounts. One item allegedly deleted was a photo of her at an anti-Trump rally wearing a pro-abortion, pink-pussy cap. There is also a report from The Daily Caller about her family having had a legal run-in with Brett Kavanaugh′s mother years ago. A case involving a property foreclosure concerning her Ford′s uncle was heard before Kavanaugh′s mother, who was the presiding judge.


    Given all of these facts, plus the timing of the allegations, it is easy to cast doubts on their veracity. What seems more likely is that this whole thing is a last-ditch effort by Democrats to delay, if not block, Kavanaugh′s appointment to the Supreme Court. That is my opinion. I cannot prove it, but to me, it appears to be the most likely scenario. If Ford′s memory is so bad that she cannot recall the specific date or location of the alleged assault, perhaps she does not even remember who it was who tried to assault her? Nobody else from the 5 or so high schools where Kavanaugh had acquaintances ever heard of such an assault. I remember hearing all sorts of rumors and stories in high school and it would seem to me that somebody other than just the accuser would have knowledge of it.


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