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Rosenstein Denies Trump Wire Story


    by Andrew Zarowny, 9/22/2018


    The New York Times published a story yesterday claiming that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein offered to wear a wire to the White House to record President Donald Trump. Rosenstein told a group of FBI and DOJ officials that he would use the recording to convince cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment. To remove President Trump from office! Rosenstein denies the story, with some saying that he was just being sarcastic. While the New York Times refers the story being from anonymous sources, many speculate that the allegation is based on personal memos from former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and his legal aide, Lisa Page.


    According to sources familiar with the documents, both Page and McCabe noted the comment by Rosenstein about wearing a wire to the White House to record a conversation with President Trump. However, only McCabe′s memo recounts the remarks about invoking the 25th Amendment. According to this account, Rosenstein named both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former DHS Secretary, now White House Chief of Staff John Kelly as two cabinet officials Rosenstein felt he could convince to consider the 25th Amendment.


    The 25th Amendment covers replacing the President due to health or other reasons. Clause 4 lays out the circumstances for the Vice President and all members of the Cabinet to decide whether or not to do so. If they do determine that the President is no longer capable of serving his term in office, they would then notify Congress which would decide the matter through the normal impeachment proceedings. A majority of the House of Representatives and two-thirds of the Senate would have to agree to such an act.


    Rosenstein allegedly proposed this during a meeting of FBI and DOJ officials in May of 2017 about two weeks after President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. Apparently, Rosenstein was ″caught off guard″ when President Trump used a letter written by Rosenstein himself to justify Comey′s dismissal. McCabe′s lawyer states that McCabe has no idea how details from his memos were leaked to the media. Some speculate that McCabe leaked the memo himself. Copies of the memo are held by both the FBI and the Robert Mueller Special Council Russia probe team.


    McCabe is already under a criminal investigation for lying about leaking to the press. In fact, the New York Times story was co-written by one reporter named as one whom McCabe often leaked stories to. Rosenstein is also under investigation for his role in signing the 4th FISA surveillance request on former Trump campaign worker Carter Page. When Rosenstein signed the request in June of 2017, it was already well known that elements of the evidence to support the surveillance warrant were false or dubious.


    So was Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe part of a secret society of FBI and DOJ officials plotting a ″silent coup″ against President Donald J. Trump? The evidence supporting this conclusion does seem to keep building. Rod Rosenstein may claim that he was just joking about wearing a wire to the White House and never mentioned the 25th Amendment. But, given that we know he lied to judges of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court when he signed the 4th FISA warrant request against Carter Page, how can we believe anything Rosenstein says?


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