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Rosenstein Meets Trump Thursday


    by Andrew Zarowny, 9/25/2018


    Rod Rosenstein will meet with President Donald Trump on Thursday. Yesterday, the Deputy Attorney General met with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, and spoke with President Trump over the phone. The President is in New York through Wednesday for the opening session of the United Nations. Media sources claimed that Rosenstein would be fired yesterday, or resign, due to the New York Times article about his offering to wear a wire to the White House. In May 2017, Rosenstein attended a meeting of 7 DOJ and FBI officials. The NY Times article claims that during a heated exchange with Andrew McCabe, the former FBI Deputy Director, Rosenstein made the offer to wear a wire and use the recordings to convince some cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment.


    The article is based on anonymous sources and may include information from McCabe′s personal memo of the meeting. The topic of the meeting seems to be about how to remove President Trump from office. Some speculate that either members of the Mueller Russia probe leaked the memo to the New York Times, or even McCabe himself. Others claim that Rosenstein was being sarcastic, or even joking, when he made the offer. That McCabe was pushing him on the matter of removal and Rosenstein responded out of exasperation.


    That Rosenstein did not resign, nor was fired on Monday, may indicate that Thursday′s meeting could be his last day on the job. There is speculation that President Trump was planning on firing Rosenstein after the mid-term elections in November for other reasons, such as conflicts of interest in the Mueller probe, slow-walking the release of documents to Congress, and for authorizing a renewal of a FISA surveillance warrant on Carter Page despite knowing that the basis of the warrant was a lie bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.


    There is, of course, another possibility for the meeting on Thursday. If McCabe was the source of the leak with the intend of taking down Rosenstein, perhaps President Trump will try to convince him that its time to make new friends. To turn against his old pals who are part of the Deep State cabal opposing President Trump and become a witness against them. If anybody could sell such a plan to Rosenstein, it would be President Donald Trump! Think of the possibilities if Rosenstein were to switch sides and start playing ball for Team Trump?


    Whatever will happen, we′ll know more on Thursday after Rod Rosenstein meets with President Trump at the White House. It would be quite the move to turn Rosenstein into ratting out the Deep State. Rosenstein would become the John Dean of our time, unmasking and exposing the biggest political conspiracy in American history!


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