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Jeff Flake Flakes Out, Again



    by Andrew Zarowny, 9/29/2018


    Jeff Flake once again showed just how spineless he truly is. During yesterday′s gathering of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Flake initially came out publicly to support the Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. If for no other reason than to uphold the tradition of the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Nothing from Thursday′s committee hearing provided any actual evidence to convict Kavanaugh. But, then, Flake′s friend, Sen. Coons of Delaware, started crying. Flake left the hearing and was trapped in an elevator, for members and staff only, by a woman protester. She badgered Flake, who later got badgered more by Democrat senators in an ante room.


    Meanwhile, for several hours, Chairman Grassley had to contend with a series of long-winded speeches by other Democrats as they bought time for their colleagues to twist Flake′s arm. The hearing, which started at 9:30am, was intended to have a vote to recommend Kavanaugh to the Senate as a whole. It was expected that the vote would take place early, well before the noon hour. As the drama unfolded, the vote time was pushed back to 1:30pm. That time passed and the actual vote took place just before 2pm, only after Flake caved in and insisted that the Senate vote would be delayed to allow for yet another FBI background check.


    The committee vote was, as expected, along party lines, 11 to 10. Now, the ball, or mess, was in Mitch McConnell′s hands. Needing every vote he could muster, McConnell conceded to delay the floor vote set for Tuesday and requested that the White House authorize the FBI to investigate. President Trump agreed and now the FBI will again question Judge Kavanaugh, for the 7th time, along with several other people involved in the accusation by Christine Blasey Ford.


    Time for a lesson in Latin, for you non-Catholics. Both the words senate and senile are derived from the Latin word ′senex′, meaning ′old′. That the Senate, especially Democrats, but plenty of Republicans, too, are behaving in a senile fashion, is, I suppose, in character with the circumstances. It is a wonder that America is still functioning as nation! Historians may point out that it took 500 years or so for Byzantium to collapse and cease to exist after the Western Roman Empire fell. I do not think we have that much time!


    I often refer back to Elmer Pendell, author of ″Why Civilizations Self-Destruct″. Pendell argues that nations are founded by men of exceptional qualities and purpose. That with each generation that follows those Founding Fathers, society slowly decays as those who come later have life easier. Complacency is followed by Mediocrity. Mediocrity, in turn, is followed by Stupidity. Most civilizations, or nations, self-destruct within a period of 7 to 9 generations, if objective human history is to serve as a standard of value. America is at that point.


    I′m not saying that America is coming to an end soon, nor that we have seen the last of better days ahead. The election of President Donald Trump, in my opinion, could buy us another 20 years, maybe longer, if enough of his agenda is carried out. He may even inspire a new wave of Americans to take their country seriously enough to fight for its very survival. Some 25 years ago, when I wrote and published my old newsletter, ″SERF′S UP!″, I interviewed free-thinkers in each issue. I always asked each about what thoughts they had about the possible collapse of civilization? One, an anarchist named ′Radio Werewolf′, described a country split in two or more factions, each with their own presidents running around claiming to be the one, true president. After the last two days, I can see the future may have some potential.


    Many pundits have been talking lately about America becoming more ′tribal′. A key practice by Democrats the past 75 years or so has been to divide our country into subgroups, or tribes. Some may say that started much earlier, as Democrats launched an actual civil war to defend slavery. Practically every person, or every family, was involved in that conflict to one degree or another. Are we headed down that road again?


    The ′Rule of Law′ is what keeps our country from devolving into anarchy. The presumption of innocence until prove guilty is the keystone our our legal system. I have no doubt that if pushed, President Donald Trump will cut Brett Kavanaugh loose, After all, in the Trump Universe, Kavanaugh has 4 strikes against him. A country-club elitist, a frat boy, a beer swilling drunk, and he came out of the Bush administration. The rumor is that Kavanaugh was not President Trump′s first choice. He actually wanted to nominate a woman, and almost did so until Diane Feinstein declared one choice to be ″too Catholic″ because she has 7 children! If Kavanaugh goes down, I would love to see the Democrats try to use their current tactics against President Trump′s next pick.


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