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Democrats Angry, Violent


    by Andrew Zarowny, 10/8/2018


    In Minnesota, a Republican candidate and a manager of another were victims of a violent, physical assault by Democrats. The manager was attacked by an employee of a group funded by George Soros. In California, another Republican candidate was attacked by a man armed with a knife. In New York City, the local Antifa group attacked and vandalized a GOP headquarters, leaving a threat for more to come. Numerous Republican politicians have been harassed by angry mobs. Others, like Susan Collins, have been getting letters with powder, raising concerns of ricin or other poisons. Even ordinary citizens, including children, have been harassed and assaulted in public by angry Democrats.


    Yet, few in The Media cast any blame on Democrat Party leaders like Maxine Waters, Eric Holder or Hillary Clinton, all of whom have been encouraging such behavior. Some pundits even say that this has been the most violent political season since 1968. If you add events from last year, such as the attempted murder of Republican Congressmen by a Bernie Sanders supporter while practicing for a baseball game, the level of violence by Democrats has been extreme.


    With the 2018 midterm elections less than 3 weeks away, one has to wonder how all of this will effect the vote? Republican voters are certainly more motivated now after the efforts by Democrats to derail the appointment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. One of the main reasons why President Donald Trump was elected was to protect whats left of the U.S. Constitution from legislative judges. The way things are going, he may appoint two or three more justices, and he has already appointed more judges to federal circuit and appeals courts than any other president.


    Given how the Democrats are at their lowest level of political power since 1920, thanks largely to Barack Obama, losing their grip on the courts may be the last straw. If Republicans can manage to hold both ends of Capitol Hill, along with the White House till 2025, the Democrat Party could be on the way out. Replaced by probably two parties, one very Socialist and another more moderate. Many have been predicting the demise of the GOP in the last decade or so. But President Trump has re-energized the Republican Party, giving them an agenda that fits our current situation.


    Meanwhile, Democrats have had very little to show for their efforts. Obamacare has been a disaster and they bungled the economy during the Obama Era. Even with practically all the free money they wanted from the Federal Reserve, about all Democrats have to show is a $21 Trillion dollar National Debt. In less than two years, President Trump has now accomplished some 289 actions, keeping nearly all of his campaign promises and then some! The lesson is clear, if you want things done, vote Republican. If you just want more turmoil and stagnation, vote Democrat.


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