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2018 Midterm Elections, 1st Test Of The Trumpenium


    by Andrew Zarowny, 10/20/2018


    I have now declared the Age of President Donald Trump the Trumpenium! Hopefully, this term will drive Liberals even crazier! With the 2018 midterm elections coming fast, we shall have our first test of the Trumpenium. Will American voters give the President the numbers he needs in the House and Senate to complete his agenda? So far, things are starting to look very promising. Many polls, especially those for key, individual races, are starting to break in favor of Republicans. Especially with Democrats acting more crazy and violent with each passing day.


    You know that Liberals are starting to panic when they become more nitpicking about jokes President Trump tells at campaign rallies. A sure sign that they are losing confidence in their ability to wrestle power away from the GOP. The so-called ″Blue Wave″ may wind up becoming a ″Blue Route″. The new Democrat Party glamor boy, Beto O′Rourke, is now sinking in the latest polls from Texas. This will only get worse after President Trump holds a rally for Senator Ted Cruz this coming week. The MAGA rallies are generally spiking Republican candidates some 10 points or more.


    The President has also given us his latest rallying cry for the 2018 midterm elections, ″JOBS, NOT MOBS!″ A succinct distillation of the reality of our time. Thanks to President Trump and the Republican Party, more Americans are working tan ever before. Unemployment is at a 49-year low while wages are increasing. The average Middle Class employee is earning more than a dollar an hour above what he or she did two years ago, and is keeping more thanks to the tax cuts. Meanwhile, all the Democrats are giving us are angry mobs, screaming and yelling, and in some cases committing violent acts.


    Liberal-caused violence is even going international, as the migrant caravan clashed with Mexican police on the border with Guatemala. Four police were injured as a mob of immigrants from Honduras smashed through a fence and stormed the border crossing. The Federalis managed to force them back with pepper spray. This migrant caravan is a purely political event, spawned by the San Diego based group, People Without Borders, along with help from Marxist politicians from Honduras and Venezuela.


    The good news is that the Trumpenium is also making a positive impact across the globe. President Donald Trump is inspiring many to embrace individual liberty and Capitalism. But the first test of the Trumpenium will be here in America in less than 3 weeks with the 2018 midterm elections. If a wave of voters keep Republicans in control of the House, and add GOP seats in the Senate, then President Trump will be able to finish his agenda. Unlike the period after his election, Republican lawmakers will not distance themselves as did for many months. Then the Trumpenium will usher in a true age of peace and prosperity for all!


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