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Trump Rally For Texas Ted Cruz


    by Andrew Zarowny, 10/23/2018


    President Donald Trump held a rally last night in Houston for his new buddy, Senator ″Texas Ted″ Cruz. About 22,000 people were inside the 18,000 seat Toyota Center Arena with as many as another 60,000 outside watching on jumbo-tron screens. President Trump encouraged voters to support Cruz and other Republican candidates running in the Lone Star State. Over 100,000 people had RSVP′d for the event. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Barack Obama spoke to some 2,000 people in Nevada for Democrat candidates running there in the 2018 midterm elections. President Trump visited Elko County, Nevada hosting a rally of some 16,000 Republicans, while Joe Biden had only 200 at a high school gym in Las Vegas.


    So there is no denying that President Donald Trump has the drawing power to bring in far more excited voters than anybody the Democrats have. With his presidency less than 2 years old, he has already accomplished some 289 actions to Make America Great Again! The big question now is with just 2 weeks to go before the midterm elections, can he help the GOP hold on to the House and Senate? A survey by NBC News of early voting returns shows that in all but one state, Nevada, more Republicans are voting than Democrats.


    Voter enthusiasm is certainly trending towards Republicans as election day approaches. The so-called ″Blue Wave″ has fizzled out. Democrats will lose seats in the Senate, possibly more than the expected 3 or so. Their hopes to win back control of the House now seems doubtful. One trend which is causing much concern for the DNC is that early voting in suburban areas is showing more strength for Republican candidates. Another is that President Trump′s approval numbers are improving, including with minority voters with whom the Democrats always took for granted.


    One of the key points which President Donald Trump has been making at his campaign rallies is to not be complacent. Voter turn out for midterm elections are usually significantly less than those elections when presidents run. President Trump is trying to promote a winning attitude for the GOP, which it has often lacked in the past. He wants Republicans to win all of the time, just as he wants America to win every fight on every issue.


    During the 2016 Republican primary, the relationship between Trump and Cruz was mixed. Early on, Cruz avoided conflicts with Trump as he quickly began disposing the other 16 candidates in the GOP field. Only when the primary fight came down to a handful of candidates did they begin to spar. But once the numbers made Candidate Trump the clear winner, Ted Cruz slowly stated to come around to supporting the nominee. Since the inauguration, Cruz has steadily become a major supporter for President Trump, especially in the past year.


    Texas Ted″ is now the new nickname President Trump has coined for Senator Cruz. This comes as Cruz has made a comeback after trailing his competitor, Democrat Beto O′Rourke for several months. The latest polls show Cruz ahead and hopefully, will defeat O′Rourke by 10 points or more come election day. President Trump has already held some 15 rallies to support Republican candidates in the 2018 midterm elections and has three more scheduled for this week. Unlike Obama, who did very little to help Democrats running for the House and Senate when he occupied the White House, President Donald Trump is showing himself to be a real leader of the Republican Party.


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