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Trump Gets Tougher On Immigration


    by Andrew Zarowny, 11/2/2018


    President Donald J. Trump announced his new plans for dealing with illegal immigration yesterday. Speaking from the Roosevelt Room of the White House, the days of ′catch and release′ are over! Those immigrants seeking asylum must go to a ′port of entry′ to be processed. President Trump may deploy up to 15,000 military troops along the southern border with Mexico to assist civilian agencies involved. Their duties will include erecting tent cities to house immigrants while they await an asylum hearing. Currently, under the policy of ′catch and release′, only about 3% of illegal immigrants return to attend such hearings.


    Our troops will also assist in patrolling the border and improving fences and barriers. Military police, lawyers, medical personnel and transportation units will also add to our current situation. President Trump will also give our troops a rule of engagement should illegal immigrants get unruly as we have seen with some in the recent migrant caravans. If they throw stones at our people, the President says they are to be considered armed with rifles and respond accordingly. That does not mean necessarily that our troops will fire live ammunition at immigrants.


    Our military has been developing a wide range of non-lethal weapon systems. In addition to rubber bullets fired from shotguns and tear gas grenades, we also have some high tech devices for crowd control. One such system uses sound and another uses microwaves to make unruly crowds feel hot or sick. If they are busy puking they can′t throw stones at anyone. Another weapon is a sort of web-gun which fires a sticky net to incapacitate an attacker. So actual gunfire will only be a last resort.


    The President will also do what he can to tighter laws to stop birthright citizenship and anchor babies. Nowhere in the Constitution, or the U.S. Code, does it say that children born of foreign nationals here are automatically U.S. citizens. The 14th Amendment is quite clear that it only applies to those people here under our jurisdiction, meaning that they have sworn allegiance, or been born by parents who are natural or naturalized citizens. The President is correct in saying that he can do this by executive order, as it was President Johnson who began this anchor baby nonsense on his own accord without any law passed by Congress.


    Obvious, President Trump is getting frustrated by the lack of action by our Congress in fixing the illegal immigration issue, and unhappy with rulings by legislative judges going beyond their Constitutional authority. One of the main reasons President Trump was elected was to build a wall and end illegal immigration. We cannot allow America to be overrun by invaders of any stripe. Otherwise, we will cease to exist.


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