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Vote Republican, Make Mika Cry


    by Andrew Zarowny, 11/4/2018


    If you still need a reason to vote straight ticket Republican for the 2018 midterm elections, I have a suggestion. Do it, if for no other reason, than to make Mika Brzezinski cry! The idiot co-host of MSNBC ″Morning Joe″ made a crazy, hate-filled appeal to her viewers on Thursday to vote for Democrats. This is nothing new for her, or her main squeeze, ′Psycho Joe′ Scarborough. For most of the past two years they have been lying their asses off attacking President Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and anyone who voted GOP in 2016. Which is funny, given how much sucking up they did to Candidate Trump during the Republican primary. They even tried to crash their way in, unsuccessfully, to Trump′s New Years Eve party to ring in 2017.


    Mind you, there are plenty of legitimate, rational reasons to vote for Republicans. The economy is doing extremely well. Unemployment is at all-time, historic lows for nearly every demographic group you can think of. Its even at a historic low for people without a high school diploma! Wages are going up at a pace not seen in over 10 years. Likewise for the Gross Domestic Product, or GDP. The old, ′New Normal′ of less than 2% annual growth during the Barack Obama years is now officially over!


    The terrorist group known as ISIS has been reduced from having their own nation to being scattered and on the run. The Iran nuclear deal is dead and sanctions against the rouge state are back on. North Korea has stopped testing missiles and nuclear weapons and has even began returning the remains of our dead from 70 years ago. President Trump just put the squeeze on Russia trying to dominate Europe with oil and natural gas. He has also brought China to heel with tariffs on unfair trade practices. NATO allies are now paying more of their fair share for their own defense.


    So, both domestically and the world at large, President Donald Trump has been fulfilling his campaign promises of making America, and even the world, great again! But, there is still much work to be done. Especially when it comes to cleaning up Washington politically. We still need to ′Drain The Swamp′ and ′Build The Wall′! Which is why we need to keep the House Republican and add more GOP held seats to the Senate. Only then can President Trump complete his agenda in total.


    The 2018 midterm elections are crucial to America′s future. Just as in 2016, this is a ′must win′ situation! Without Republicans keeping control, and even adding power, instead of more greatness we will have gridlock. If Democrats get control of the House of Representatives, they will cause much chaos. The economy may revert back to the sort of dismal stagnation we saw during the Obama years. Plus, they will hold endless hearings trying to impeach President Trump and drive out his cabinet members. Perhaps even try to impeach the recent Supreme Court justices.


    The Democrats do not deserve to have any political power. They have done nothing to help America in any way for decades. Instead, all they offer is division and strife, splitting the country into groups and practice identity politics to rule them. President Trump has been improving America across the board, with all ′boats′ rising on the new tide of growth, prosperity and optimism. So let us keep the ball rolling forward and vote straight ticket Republican! If you haven′t voted yet, then do so on Tuesday. Bring your family and neighbors, too! Make America Great Again by voting Republican, and #MakeMikaCry in the process.


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