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Jeff Sessions Out


    by Andrew Zarowny, 11/8/2018


    We all knew this was coming! Jeff Sessions is no longer the Attorney General of the United States. Wednesday morning, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly informed Sessions that Sessions was no longer serving at the pleasure of President Donald Trump and to submit a resignation. Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein may not have long either, as Sessions′ chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker, was named Acting Attorney General. This now shifts control of the Robert Mueller probe from Rosenstein to Whitaker.


    As mentioned, this move at the Department of Justice was not unexpected. The rumor mill has been busy that Sessions was to be fired shortly after the midterm elections. That it happened within hours is no surprise. This situation has been festering for much of the past two years after Sessions recused himself from overseeing the Trump-Russia probe. He did not have to do so. Rosenstein is also a witness and did not recuse himself. Mueller has all sorts of conflicts of interests, yet he did not decline the job as special counsel.


    The Media is all a flutter at the move, mostly because Matt Whitaker has made it known that he believes the Mueller probe has strayed far afield. That it should have its funding cut off and wind it out. Whitaker has also been public about his belief that Hillary Clinton should be investigated for her many potential crimes. He has also been an advocate on releasing DOJ and FBI documents pertaining to the Russia probe, especially those concerning the FISA search warrants.


    So, at last we may finally get some real justice from the Justice Department. Jeff Sessions did a fine job on those matters which he was involved with. Especially on immigration issues and hunting down MS-13 gangs. But, it has been very obvious that a firm hand is needed to clean out the rubbish at the DOJ and FBI. Especially at the higher management level, which allowed Barack Obama to weaponize both agencies to attack political opponents, namely President Donald Trump. Also, to cover up wrong doing by Hillary Clinton and by Obama, himself.


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