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INVASION, Migrant Caravan Reaches Border


    by Andrew Zarowny, 11/15/2018


    The invasion has begun! About 350 people from the first migrant caravan have arrived at the U.S. border near Tijuana, Mexico. Some 22 buses carrying another 900 are due any day now. The rest of the 4 migrant caravans from Central America are still marching northward and will be here shortly. Secretary of Defense James ′Mad Dog′ Mattis visited our troops in Texas preparing for the onslaught.


    If you have been watching the Fake News Media, they have been saying for weeks now that the migrant caravans would not be arriving till the end of the year. Liars like Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Don Lemon and Jake Tapper don′t think this is an invasion at all. Even CNN′s Jim Acosta challenged President Donald Trump openly at a press conference last week claiming that the non-invasion would not be happening for many weeks. How wrong are they?


    Seriously, they are dead wrong! While the first caravan was delayed somewhat by the Mexican government denying the migrants use of trains and other public transportation, alternatives were acquired. In many towns, local residents would drive the migrants 30 or more miles to the next town, if for no other reason than to get rid of them. Caravan organizers arranged for buses for carry the women and children for about $2.50 a head from one town to the next.


    Several thousand migrants, mostly young men, stayed in Mexico City for a week or so waiting to be joined by those from later caravans. The idea being to swamp our border with as many migrants as possible. The whole project behind these caravans is financed by various groups of political agitators, not to aid actual asylum seekers, but to embarrass the Trump administration. Under international law, those fleeing for legitimate reasons, like being persecuted for political, ethic, or other reasons, must seek asylum in the first country they enter. The United States government requires migrants to seek asylum at a U.S. embassy or consulate, if possible, in their country of origin.


    But, most of those in the migrant caravans are not actual asylum seekers. Just wanting a job or welfare does not count as a reason for requesting asylum. Even those who make it to a U.S. port of entry and apply for asylum get turned down 80% of the time. If they actually show up at their court hearing, which only about 3% do. No, this whole thing is just a method for mass illegal immigration. A recent Gallup Poll of Central American countries show that some 5 million people from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador want to emigrate to America. We already have one-third of all citizens of El Salvador here.


    Those in the Fake News Media have been preaching that the reason the Republicans lost the House of Representatives is because of President Trump making the migrant caravan invasion an issue in the midterm elections. However, exit polls show the opposite. About 56% want ′The Wall′ built and about two-thirds want illegal immigration stopped with tougher border security and immigration laws. The real reason behind the GOP loss of the House was those candidates who distanced themselves from the issue, as well as the failure to repeal and replace Obamacare.


    With the invasion of migrant caravans now reaching our border, the topic is back in the news. It had been displaced by the midterm elections, the ballot recounts and the fires in California. Also by the various shootings and such. As migrants climb our fences to taunt our border agents, we shall see what happens next in this act of political theater. We better act fast because once the Democrats take over the House, ICE and other border security agencies may lose funding.


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