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Paris Burning, More Carbon Tax Protests



    by Andrew Zarowny, 12/8/2018


    For the fourth straight weekend, Paris, France is besieged by carbon tax protests. Tens of thousands are rioting, clashing with police over an upcoming tax increase on diesel fuel. A tax which is part of the carbon tax program outlined in the Paris Climate Accord. President Donald Trump warned Emanuel Macron and other European leaders about this, but they ignored him. Macron is now the least respected, democratically-elected leader with a mere 19% approval rating. He was forced to postpone the tax increase 6 months while trying to restore order in France. Good luck with that!


    Part of the Paris Climate Accord calls for making fossil fuels too expensive for populations to afford. By 2050, such fuels like gasoline and diesel may cost over $40 a gallon! Obviously, this is bad news for consumers. Such a plan would reduce the quality of life for those who could not afford to pay the carbon taxes. Only the financial and political elites would have automobiles, aircraft and warm homes. The rest would be like Third World citizens, cooking meals and heating dwellings with their own dung.


    President Trump knew the Paris Climate Accord would ruin America′s economy, which is why he withdrew us from it. The United States is awash in oil, natural gas and, yes, clean coal! The same idiots warning about the junk science of climate change were warning about the junk science of ′peak oil′. Despite the propaganda, solar and wind power simply cannot replace fossil fuels. There is no need to. We have plenty of fossil fuels. Enough to last centuries. Better still, we won′t have to. At some point in the near future, fusion energy will finally breakthrough and we will switch to a hydrogen-based economy.


    Or, maybe I should say tritium-based. About 60 tons of tritium would be enough to provide a year′s worth of electrical energy for the Earth. There is plenty to be had in the neighborhood. The surface of the Moon is loaded with tritium. That tritium comes from the Sun, via the solar wind. Thus, a virtually endless supply, easily obtainable. Fusion reactor technology has made huge leaps since the 1970s. One program by the U.S. Navy, killed by the Barack Obama administration, was coming very close to a financially viable reactor. Another private program at Lockheed-Martin is working on smaller reactors, the size of an oil barrel, which may someday soon provide enough wattage to light up a small city of 50,000 homes.


    Even if you believe the junk science of climate change, the reality is that innovation, under a Capitalist system, will develop solutions. America has already exceeded CO2 emission reductions called for by the old Kyoto Accord largely due to technological innovations. This is a fact ignored by the climate hysteria fanatics. The biggest threats to polluting the Earth come not from the United States, but from nations like China and India. Russia, too, is a big polluter usually ignored by the ′Greenies′.


    The rioting in Paris started out mainly due to the carbon tax on diesel fuel. But it is evolving as a more general reaction against the Globalists and the Elites who seek to impose Socialism on the world. More and more of the protesters are sounding like Nationalists, who are rejecting the notion of trashing their own country on the false hope of saving the planet. France is on Republic Number 6 and the way things are going, that government may get the boot soon. When Republic Number 7 is born, you can bet that the first thing they will do is pull France out of the European Union, after withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord.


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