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Honduran Migrants Demand 50K Each


    by Andrew Zarowny, 12/12/2018


    The nerve of some people! Two groups of Hondurans from the caravan migrants stuck in Tijuana are making demands of the United States government. Either we increase the number of migrants processed for asylum to 300 per day, or we pay them $50,000 each to go home. Provided that we also remove the current president of Honduras from office! What gall! They clearly have no notion of becoming honest, happy American citizens. I say send them all packing with no cash!


    This latest ruse comes as President Donald Trump doubles down on improving border security. Even if it means a partial government shutdown. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer met with the President yesterday at the White House. Much to their surprise, President Trump allowed the news media to witness the conversation despite protests by Pelosi. She and Schumer did not want the American people watch how political sausage is made. But President Trump was firm about transparency. As well as wanting $5 Billion to build more of the border wall.


    While about 80% of the federal government′s $4 Trillion dollar budget for this fiscal year has been legislated, the rest, mostly for 5 departments, will run out of cash on December 21. With the House of Representatives due to be under the control of Democrats on January 3, 2019, President Trump wants border security funding dealt with now. He needs 10 votes from Democrats in the Senate to achieve this. Pelosi is only willing to cough up $1.3 Billion, and none of it for wall building. Schumer has already agreed to a deal for just $1.6 Billion.


    President Trump is prepared to stand firm unless he gets $5 Billion. The facts are on his side as our border with Mexico is far from secure. Thousands of illegal immigrants cross it every week. Many are human traffickers smuggling in slave labor, including those for the sex slave market. Many are criminals, some are even terrorists. In addition, more than 170 American citizens die every day from overdosing on illegal opioid drugs, like heroin and fentanyl. About 90% of those drugs are smuggled into America across our border with Mexico.


    There is no doubt that we have a crisis at our southern border. President Donald Trump appears to be the only person in Washington DC who wants to secure that border to prevent further criminal invasion of illegal people and drugs. Nancy Pelosi thinks a wall is immoral. She and Chuck Schumer want open borders and total chaos. They could care less if American citizens are put at risk. A partial government shutdown would effect only about 25% of the government agencies, none of which are all that critical to our daily lives. While Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media cry foul, President Trump is ready to close down the border with Mexico, and allow for a partial government shutdown to end the insanity and secure our border.


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