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Countdown To Shutdown


    by Andrew Zarowny, 12/21/2018


    There is never a dull moment with President Donald J. Trump! When he isn′t signing a farm bill or an executive order, President Trump is driving The Media, the Deep State, the Democrats and even Republicans crazy. Just the past 48 hours is a good example. Pulling troops out of Syria. Reducing those in Afghanistan. The resignation of Secretary of Defense James ′Mad Dog′ Mattis. And telling GOP leaders that he will not sign the Senate spending bill. The continuing resolution has no funding for border security, namely The Wall. So the House passed the Senate bill, though adding an amendment including money for The Wall, as well as cash for disaster victims. The Senate has till midnight, tonight, to pass the House version, or come up with a compromise the White House will accept. Otherwise, a partial government shutdown will begin.


    As this is merely a continuing resolution, a ′CR′, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could invoke the ′nuclear option′ and try to pass the amended bill without any Democrats and a possible vote by Vice President Mike Pence. With the carrot of disaster relief for those victims of the Alaskan earthquakes, the California wildfires, and various storms, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer may not fair well in orchestrating a filibuster, causing a shutdown.


    Even the White House is conceding one small point, referring to The Wall now as ″slatted″ barrier or fence. The barriers put up as part of The Wall to date are slatted. A requirement insisted upon by experts from Customs and Border Protection, CBP. Officers in the field need to be able to see who is by The Wall, trying to breech it from Mexico.


    The issue with Syria and Afghanistan may cause problems with some Senate Republicans. Bellyache as they may, the reality is that ISIS has been crippled in Syria, so further involvement there is a case of diminishing returns. Unlike pundits in the Fake News Media, even some at Fox News, I do not see the troop withdrawal as an issue with the base of Trump voters. The President campaigned promising no more nation-building nonsense. Regime change in Syria is not going to happen without a major stand-off with Russia. Syria is not worth starting World War 3 over. We do best when we bomb. For now, airstrikes, drones and special op units are enough to fight terrorists abroad. Good border security will keep them out of our country.


    So, unless the Senate passes the House amended bill, we will have a partial government shutdown. Some other backroom deal may be cut making everybody equally happy, but time is very short. Midnight Friday is hours away. President Donald Trump wants some funding for border security. The original Senate bill offered none at all. It was doomed from the start. Other than some federal employees going on furlough, their paychecks delayed a short while, a partial government shutdown will not impact the general public much at all.


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