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Trump May Close Southern Border


    by Andrew Zarowny, 12/29/2018


    President Donald Trump may close the southern border with Mexico unless a deal is made to fund more border security. A compromise offer was presented to Democrats this week, with some reports that the White House had lowered border funding to about $2.5 Billion dollars. The offer even specified that the money allocated for barrier improvement would be spent on steel-slatted fencing. Not on concrete wall components. Democrats promised to respond on Friday, but did not. Most left Washington on Thursday, sending no reply. Future Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, left for a holiday vacation in Hawaii at a $899-per-day resort. President Trump had canceled his holiday plans to celebrate at Mar-A-Largo during the government shutdown.


    So, it seems that Democrats are not all that concerned about some 400,000 government employees and contractors not getting paid. Despite all of the bellyaching from them, and from their allies in the Fake News Media, Democrats feel no sympathy for those dealing with payless paydays during the holidays. For all Nancy Pelosi cares, they may as well get a lump of coal in their stockings! Hopefully, at least, a lump of ′clean coal′!


    The issue of border security and our idiotic immigration laws has been made all the more clear with two news items. First being the shooting death of Newman, California police officer, Ronil Singh, a legal immigrant from Fiji, at the hands of alleged suspect Gustavo Perez Arriaga. The suspect was arrested Friday in Bakersfield, along with 7 others, mostly relatives. Arriaga is an illegal immigrant, arrested several times before and is a known gang member, connected with drugs and human trafficking. Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson admonished California lawmakers for their responsibility in this murder. The state sanctuary law, SB-54, prevents local police from working with federal ICE officers over illegal aliens who commit crimes. The death of Officer Singh was a direct result of this law. Otherwise, Arriaga would have been deported long ago after committing other crimes.


    The second news item concern the urgency in resolving border security funding comes out of Honduras. Another migrant caravan is being organized, this time with some 15,000 migrants who will be heading for America. This, while thousands of other caravan migrants are still languishing in Tijuana, Mexico, while some 3,500 others from the last caravans are missing. Many of them have entered the United States illegally. In two cases, young children died shortly after Custom and Border Protection officers apprehended them. The two children who died were starving and severely dehydrated during the several days spent looking for a place to cross the border.


    We have already seen how poorly equipped these migrant caravans are. Very little food or water is supplied by organizers during the 2,000 trek northward. Also, very little security. Amnesty International, hardly a pro-Trump group, has reported that hundreds of women and young girls were raped during these caravans. President Donald Trump has made it clear to Mexico that they must prevent the next caravan from reaching us. Otherwise, he will close the border and even tear up trade deals.


    The Trump administration has allocated nearly $11 Billion dollars to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador for security and economic aid to stop future caravans. Yet, Democrats refuse to spend just $5 Billion for The Wall. Of the $25 Billion President Trump originally requested for border security, less than half was to be for building The Wall. Most of the money is for doubling the number of CBP and ICE officers, as well as for increasing electronic surveillance of the border and improving detention facilities. Hundreds of recent illegal immigrants captured have been released due to a lack of space in existing facilities.


    I hope Nancy Pelosi is having a wonderful vacation in her $899-per-day resort in Hawaii. I′m sure that the 400,000 federal employees not being paid during the partial government shutdown are hoping she is having fun, too! NOT! She sure doesn′t seem concerned about them, nor about the thousands from migrant caravans languishing at refugee camps or being raped or dying from disease, starvation and a lack of water. All because she and her fellow Democrats refuse to end the border crisis by funding security and fixing our flawed immigration laws.


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